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  1. Removing MSport Rear Bumper

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, I’m a new addition to the forum and was hoping to get some help replacing a parking sensor on my 2004 e46 325Ci (Msport package). I tried to remove the msport rear bumper in order to replace a parking sensors and couldn’t quite figure it out. Could anyone help me with a step by step...
  2. Rear bumper T50 cross thread problem

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone. I recently purchased my BMW 330i and one of the parking sensors is not working. In order to replace it I have to take off the bumper (unfortunately only taking off the black plastic strip which they are housed in is not enough). I got all the necessary screws out fine but the T50 on...
  3. Powerflow .....?? On 330ci

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I have fitted powerflow custom exhausts to a couple of my previous cars and have been pleased with results. Has anyone got any experience/suggestions on fitting one to my 330ci. Main reason behind my consideration is the cost, yes we would all love to fit top of the range performance...
  4. For Sale: OEM E46 M3 Rear Bumper

    Hi, I am selling a TiAG OEM E46 M3 Rear Bumper. Asking for $200. I live in NY, prefer local pickup. I will consider shipping it as well. PM me! Pictures: <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a> <a...
  5. In need of new bumpers (354 silver)

    General E46 Forum
    I am a relatively new owner of a silver e46 330i with 113k miles on it. Due to the previous owner's negligence, both front and rear bumpers have some damage to them and I am concerned that they may fall off if I don't replace them. Does anyone have any new or used pre-painted (354 titanium...
  6. Upgrading to M Tech II Bumpers

    General E46 Forum
    Someone rear-ended my 2005 325xi so I got a little insurance money. I thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade from my regular bumpers to M Tech II. While I'm at it I want to do the front and back bumpers as well as the side skirts. My questions are: 1) Do any of you have experience with...
  7. E46 Sedan FS: OEM Mtech 2 rear bumper *Socal*

    This is for a sedan. It comes with the reinforcement bar attached. Painted Jet Black. The rear has a mark on the back from when a car hit me. The marks are from the license plate, so the typical 2 screws indentation and the scratches along the top (as pictured). It comes with the diffuser...
  8. Will a 03 330xi rear bumper fit on my 01 330i?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey Guys, I have a 2001 330i and my rear bumper has been damaged, I found a guy that is parting out his 2003 330xi and wanted to know if his rear bumper would fit my car. Im doing this because both cars are black and this will allow me to skip paint :thumbsup:. Let me know if it will work or...
  9. 2002 325ci rear bumper-354 color-San Diego

    Selling the outer rear bumper cover on my 2002 325Ci. The bumper is titanium silver metallic. Located in san diego. Not available until 5/27. $250. Have box and willing to ship at buyers cost from 92014 zip. 215-432-7643
  10. Need help finding a part!

    General E46 Forum
    Hello , my car was involved in a minor accident and I'm having trouble tracing down a rear "diffuser" (black plastic grill) part for my bumper. Does anyone know where I could order one online or a direct link. Thank you in advance. I attached a reference photo.
  11. Lots of Parts for sale!!!! all e46

    Parting Out
    I have a front an rear bumper with minor scratches (nothing broken) that are both black. they were off of my 328ci (2000) and will fit any e46 coupe from 2000 to 2003. I also have a set of four style 68 rims (m-package 330 rims) for sale. two of them are brand new and the other two and minor...
  12. Want To Buy Rear Bumper Lip

    Im looking to buy a Rear bumper Lip for a 4dr e46 text me at 818-641-8389 if you have one for sale thanks ! :thumbup:
  13. E46 Coupe FS: OEM Mtech 2 Rear Bumper *Socal*

    Up for sale is an OEM Mtech 2 rear bumper. It's painted steel blue. The paint is in great condition (dirty in the pictures). The black diffuser is included (not mounted properly when pictures were taken). Asking $450 obo picked up.
  14. E46 M3 OEM Rear Bumper w diffuser and Kevlar Bar

    Selling OEM rear bumper, used to be blue color but painted AW (color code 300) Price: $650 plus shipping Comes: OEM Diffuser OEM Bumper (rear sensors included) OEM Kevlar Bar
  15. E46 Sedan WTB M Tech II Rear Sedan Bumper

    Like the title says I'm looking for a rear M Tech II bumper. Preferably in silver but any color will do. I drive a preface lifted sedan. Let me know if you're selling one!
  16. E46 M3 Wanted Best Offer: E46 M3 Rear Bumper

    Looking for a rear bumper for my E46 M3. Titanium Silver metallic (354). DC/MD/VA.
  17. cleaning up deep scratches on the bumper? (pic)

    General E46 Forum
    Let me preface this by saying I'm not responsible for these marks. With that out of the way, are there any DIY actions I could take (short of buying a new rear bumper) to clean this up? Do you think touch up paint would make it look kind of weird/frumpy?
  18. Rear bumper sag (pics)

    General E46 Forum
    Hey gang, I've got some minor bumper sag over the left rear wheel. I searched around a bit and couldn't find an adequate DIY fix. Any guidance you all can provide is much appreciated. Ignore those scratches, for now. From inside the wheel well. It looks like that clip should be holding on...
  19. WTB bumpers for sedan

    :pimpin:looking for anything better than the stock bumpers on my 00' 323i
  20. WTB: M-Tech II Rear COUPE Bumper

    I have a few questions regarding the M-Tech II Rear Bumper. Where can I find one for a coupe? Preferably Poly-Propylene. I see them all over the place, but only for Sedans. I found one on Umnitza ( for 289.99 -before shipping. And...