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  1. RARE 19"Rays Engineering G-games 99b Light Weight wheels & Tires

    Wheels and Tires
    <b> 19 inch Rays Engineering "G-games" 99 barracuda Gunmetal light weight wheels in great condition. These are one of the lightest 19" wheels made weighing in at approx. 20lbs. The wheels are straight and true. <br> The specs;<br> Rear: 19x8.5<br> Front: 19x8.5<br> Tires 235/35/19<br> <br>...
  2. BavarianX|Rays Homura 18-20"

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements
    New for 2011!!! Bavarian Exclusive is extremely excited to bring in the brand new Rays Homura wheels in BMW 5x120!!! PM or Call us at 714-672-0576 for special pricing and availability! Rays Homura wheels are 1-piece cast wheels that come in Sparkplated Silver and RBC/Diamond Cut! More...
  3. 1st Real Photoshoot of my BlackedOut M3! (56k = no)

    The Showroom
    Whatsup everyone.... Finally did an actual "photoshoot" although I wasn't able to get the SLR I had hoped to use. Tried to follow the suggestions made in the sticky so let me know what you think about the look so far:) if you like, you can see some more in my picasa album What you saw...
  4. Japanese BMW tuning - ***PICS*** Volk & BBS Galore!!

    The Showroom
    OMG...Stumbled across this website while searching for Volks, and was simply amazed!!! I love the style/direction of modding over there... ^^ Thought you guys would want to see this....:thumbsup:search away... but heres some that I found post-worthy...:drool: <a...