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  1. Buzzing/rattling noise under acceleration

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, my 2004 325i has been making a strange buzzing/rattling/'cricket' noise at around 1750-2000rpm. It's only audible with the windows down and It only happens under load; as soon as I ease off, it goes away, even if it's still in the above rpm range. The car seems to perform as well as it...
  2. Found source of rattling, below idler pulley, much stronger when in D or R

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I finally found the source of some annoying rattling. Reason I wasn't able to pinpoint it earlier, even with stethoscope, was that it's very intermittent in P. Today I had it in D and R, and see, the rattling is much more constant, and it's coming from just left below the Idler Pulley...
  3. Help rpm rattling while cruising

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I'v bought a 2002 BMW 325ci auto transmission with 158000 miles on it. I noticed that while cruising 30 - 60 mph there is an rpm rattle. It stays at 2k rpm then it fluctuates between 1.5k and 2k rpm. I also feel a vibration while the rpm rattles. Click the link to watch the...
  4. Still clunking after brand new end links... so annoyed

    E46 Xi Forum
    just did a diy on my front endlinks got the genuine bmw ones from ecs tuning easy to tell the old ones were scrap so i swapped the brand new ones in and the suspension felt perfect for first 20 miles. Now the clunking is back almost as bad as before. its so annoying to have such a rattle going...
  5. Rattling/Chattering Noise Under Acceleration

    General E46 Forum
    My 2001 330ci makes a rattling/chattering noise while under medium/heavy acceleration. I have done all sorts of research and have read threads of similar cases caused from: broken exhaust clamp, heat shield, flex disc, vanos, tensioner, etc. but I'm still unsure. It is difficult for me to...
  6. Front-end clunking-rattling -- can't pinpoint the cause

    Suspension & Braking
    :confused: Gents, I promise I've searched and read a ton of posts. My head is spinning from all the reading I've done, and I'm an editor and read plenty as it is! I've replaced my CABs and sway bar end links in an attempt to cure the clunking-rattling noise I've been enduring for months now...
  7. VANOS help needed.

    NY / NJ / CT
    Engine rattling . Help wanted. Hi , I recently started hearing slight rattling / gurgling from my engine. Showed it to an indy sho p - who said it might be the valves. Uopn reading some posts here - it sounds like the vanos issue. Can someone who is familiar with the VANOs issue help me...