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  1. FS: OE CSL Radio Panel Delete *Socal*

    Ok so I have a lot of BRAND NEW OE CSL and E46 M3 parts that I'm about to list lol It's a continuation of my moving/garage sale. Keep on the lookout if you wanna bundle stuff together. I'll be listing them in their own separate threads. Maybe like a couple posts a day cause there's too much...
  2. E46 electrical Problems

    General E46 Forum
    This car is driving me crazy. Having some electrical problems where my radio(nav radio, if that matters) is not working and fuse 41 keeps blowing. And my dashboard is acting up. Radio/Head unit- installed an aftermarket radio a few months ago, had to run a harness up the whole car because I...
  3. Dynavin N7-PRO Multimedia GPS System....NEW FOR 2020

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Now that the new N7 PRO units are shipping.....its time for a NEW THREAD DYNAVIN N7 PRO Dynavin has updated their lineup to the new N7-PRO head units. An update on the already solid N7 platform, the new PRO models have all the same extensive features from the N7 but add the ability to run...
  4. HK Radio Interference from ABS Sensor

    General E46 Forum
    Hello to you all. I have been learning from all of you over the years and have been able to keep my baby on the road thanks to all of your great input, experiences and sharing. However, this time I am having a problem that I can't seem to find anywhere, so I thought I would throw it over to...
  5. Aux input - 2003 with navigation

    General E46 Forum
    Hi I bought an auxiliary in cable and was hoping to fit it to my 2003 E46 325i convertible which has factory navigation fitted (along with HK sound if that makes a difference). When I took off the radio, I was expecting a large plug at the back left. Instead, there are two connectors at the...
  6. Radio reception...

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi, can anyone help? Currently i have a business radio fitted. Radio reception is fine unless I switch on rear demist n which case I lose all reception and just get loud static. I think it could be the antenna module on the c pillar or alternatively some form of earth failure but I wondered if...
  7. Parasitic Drain - Spark when reconnecting radio fuse

    General E46 Forum
    Hello to all ! I'm just trying to find out the source of a parasitic drain on my son's 2000 323Ci, I just replaced the battery 2 weeks ago, the alternator is charging the battery, but I still have a parasitic drain on the car, I think the navigation unit is the culprit and just disconnected the...
  8. Any E46 FS BSW Soundplicity Control iii, OEM Business Radio, other interior pieces

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I just installed my dynavin n6 into my 05 330i and have some parts that I am trying to sell. I have the BSW soundplicity control iii that integrates into the BMW radio. It has bluetooth phone, bluetooth music, AUX input, and USB inputs. It works with the steering wheel controls and integrates...
  9. Battery Drain From Fuse 41

    General E46 Forum
    My 330i recently died overnight a couple times. When doing a parasitic draw test, the culprit turned out to be fuse #41, for the radio. The only modification I have is the BMW AUX input retrofit. My questions are; is the radio itself bad? What else could be causing this battery drain? Also, even...
  10. need help getting my Pioneer head unit working

    General E46 Forum
    i put my new head unit (first car mod in my life ever) in today with a friend. it lights up and does everything right except PLAY MUSIC! theres no sound coming out of the speakers so i have to get that figured out. any suggestions on what i might of done wrong? i was really exited to get it...
  11. Dynavin N7 Multimedia GPS System....New For 2018

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Ill be filling this in over the next few days and weeks but now that the N7 units are shipping.....figured it was time to start a thread! DYNAVIN N7 Dynavin has made substantial changes to their Audio/Video/Navigation System offerings, after 3 years with the previous generation N6 head unit...
  12. Intermittent rubbish reception in my E46 Touring.

    E46 Touring
    Hi to you all. Well here in the UK we are occasionaly troubled with bad reception on some local radio stations. That said as per the thread title I am experiencing intermittent very poor reception and whether I am stationary on moving it makes little difference. Any ideas please ?
  13. Single music/charging cable solution?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have a 2002 M3 with stock Business radio. I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to play music and charge my iPhone (5c) with just a single, standard iPhone cable. I'm aware there are several products that offer charging and music playback, but they all seem to use 2 separate cables...
  14. AUX for radio 6512 9635627-01

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hello I wonder if I can use an AUX input for my radio. I think my car is from 2006 or 2003. It is an BMW 320i E46. The radio display "SV 18-03 520" on the last debug mode screen after cycling trough them with the clock button. I tried to use the DIY AUX input but it did not work. I got not AUX...
  15. Need Help!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Not a total car guy, but have watched hours of DIYs to be able to fix up my car on my own. I have a 2001 330i and I'm planning on installing a double din radio. Just wanted some help/suggestions on... 1. What Radio should I get? 2. What HVAC climate control module relocation kit is good for my...
  16. Radio Dashes

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 BMW 323i and my Business CD radio won't work. A few weeks ago my radio decided to just stop working. It will light up but it displays the dashes --|-- I've tried looking everywere in order to fix it but have come up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Stock m3 radio for sale

    Radio works perfect just been sitting around the garage
  18. No radio reception with aftermarket radio

    General E46 Forum
    I installed an aftermarket JVC radio (KD-S37) with this antenna adapter and now I can pick up a whopping one radio station. Is there something I should do that would make the radio pick up the stations I was able to pick up with the BMW radio? Link to antenna adapter...
  19. e46 radio replacement with Sirrus/XM

    General E46 Forum
    Has anyone replaced the factory radio with an aftermarket radio with XM/Sirrus and Nav? What brand and do you recommend it? Thanks!
  20. Radio stuck in Phone mode

    General E46 Forum
    Today when i went to lunch i started up my car and the radio said "PHONE" which ive obviously seen before since i have my phone paired to it through the bluetooth. The weird thing is the radio is stuck in phone mode even when my phone is turned off, ive tried restarting my car multiple times and...