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radio not working

  1. E46 BM53 Navigation Head Unit radio intermediately cutting out FIXED!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey there! My name is Alex and i'm new to this forum but surely not new to fixing my car. :blah: I have had my 2003 BMW E46 325i for almost 2 years now and have had to deal with the radio going in and out since then. Sometimes it was for seconds and sometimes it was for days at a time. I read...
  2. Harman Kardon Premium Sound Issue

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    2006 330Ci, HK Premium Sound. While diagnosing a failed windshield washer pump, I removed a fuse from the fuse panel in the glove box that was labeled Radio, Alarm, Windscreen Washer System. The alarm immediately activated and started squawking. I put the fuse back into the same slot and the...
  3. Major Screwup to my Vert

    E46 Convertible
    Help! Replaced my OEM radio with a in-dash stereo, DVD, Navigation, BT System (sorta like the Dynavin). Removed the sunglass compartment and moved the environmental controls down. Everything was okay after install and putting everything back. The only problem was the spotty reception on the FM...
  4. E46 318ci Business Radio/casette + button not working! :(

    General E46 Forum
    I Just bought a 318ci on a 51 plate, All is great (despite coilpack 4 going on they way home :( doh!) Well thats all sorted now however the + button on the radio casette isnt working so at the moment i cant adjust the settings. Aka 0 bass 0 treble and faded to the back speakers! any ideas whats...
  5. Radio Doesn't Work

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    So as the title states, my radio does not pick up any FM or AM signals. I should mention that it is an after market radio. I bought the unit from Crutchfield so all install components came with it and I got it installed at a reputable installer. However, they have moved and I don't know where...