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  1. General BMW Model Discussion
    So my 1992 325i radio has been super quiet lately, and I can barely hear it at all. I have the fader all the way to the front two speakers, with the volume all the way turned up, and it sounds like its not even half way up. Any idea what is causing this, or how to fix it? Read somewhere that it...
  2. Mobile Electronics Forum
    hi :) being a teenager, i play my music very loud and today, i was driving along with the music blasting, but at a level i always have it, and the whole of the driver side speakers went really quiet :censor: wtf?? i thought it was just the front driver side speaker, but using the fader...
  3. Tire & Wheel Forum
    What's the quietest winter tire? I'm considering the LM-25 because the tire tread looks boring which usually means quiet. I also read the PA2/PA3 might be quiet. My problem is the MXM4s that came on my TL are perfect in the summer but dangerous in the winter. So I need something better in...