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    Hi, What's your opinion on these two here? Is it safe to go for a cheaper one, or should I go for the pricer one? I haven't been able to find trustworthy sites except for EuroCarParts, but they don't do this part. Also, when I do an oil change is it recommended to purchase a new nut / plug...
  2. E46 XI
    Hi All, This weirdness started after I swerved to avoid a pothole (going 45mph). The power steering is fine, mostly, unless I'm making a sharp turn (only tested at 2-5mph). It kind of lags after I turn the steering wheel 120 degrees either way (Update! This has changed to 60 degrees), like as...
  3. E46 General
    can someone show me a good photoshop of the style 230 wheels from 335i coupes on a topaz e46 coupe? these wheels are sick and i love the clean look and finish of them. seen them on silver and the dark grey color and looked good. please help, thanks!