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  1. Help my hurting '04 325xi please

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm new here and finally have a chance to say hi :-) So for starters I have a 2004 325xi with 191K miles on a 5 speed 2.5L L6, and she is starting to hurt. There is a coolant leak, not bad yet, but there's a 2"-3" spot under the center front of where the motor is when I park...
  2. Any E46 SOLD!! E46 parts for sale!

  3. Yet another projector retrofit tutorial. ZKW -> Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello community. Originally posted on zhpmafia. I've had my 2004 ZHP sedan for over a year, typical ZKW burnt bowls. After lots of research, last December, I finally decided to tackle this project. I went with Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 projectors based on a few pictures I saw online. What drew me to...
  4. H7 projectors with LEDs recommendations

    Lighting Forum
    Hi everyone, I recently installed H7 LEDs on my Bmw 318i with halogen reflectors, they are much better than halogens though i am thinking of further upgrading to projectors for their better light beam characteristics. From what i've read, the easiest option is to retrofit mini H1 projectors...
  5. H7 projectors for LEDs recommendations

    Lighting Forum
    Hello everybody, Does anyone know if there are any projectors for H7 bulbs that fit the prefacelift bmw E46 with halogen reflectors? I currently have H7 LEDs, though they are much better than stock halogens would like to further update to projectors for maximum light projection: This is...
  6. Questions on bmw door projector emblems

    Lighting Forum
    I'm new to the bmw world and in wondering how to wire bmw emblem projectors to the dome lights that turn on when the door is opened. How do I manage to do this? I got the wholes drilled already but I don't know where to connect the positive and negative wires, someone please help?!
  7. E46 Sedan FS: Burned OEM ZKW projectors & LENS! Working.

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have a pair of OEM ZKW projectors and OEM ZKW lenses from my facelift 2005 BMW 330i. Be advised, the one on the left in the first picture is VERY burned around the bulb area - the plastic is charred because IPO (Idiot Previous Owner) left the bulb inserted cockeyed, with the brown filament...
  8. Zkw e90 LCI projectors on e46

    Lighting Forum
    Hello, As many others e46 owners i have got trouble with my zkw bowls. I've tried to re-plate them at first but it didnt last long. Looking for a more permanent solution i bought some e9x zkw projectors. I thought at first that they where the Pre-lci but when they arrived it was LCI projectors...
  9. 02 330ci bi-xenon Retrofit/DIY Questions

    Lighting Forum
    Hello all, I am planning out the solution to a problem I ran into quite a while ago. Quite honestly it's all my fault for not informing myself well enough. On the other hand, I hip-checked a deer and need to purchase some new headlights ASAP. My problem: In my haste, I bought some...
  10. WTB - headlight assembly for 2001 m3

    Don't need the corner lights. With halos & projectors
  11. AL bosch projectors

    Lighting Forum
    i apologize in advanced if this is a question that has been asked already i may have over looked it in hours past researching how i can improve my light set up... where can i buy AL projectors!? i have a 2001 330ci in serious need of an update, i already have projectors in my xenon healights...
  12. HELP!! How do I replace Factory HIDs with aftermarkets?

    Lighting Forum
    I had just purchased an 05 330i M and I'm looking to replace the OEM HIDs with aftermarket headlights but it seems I can fit regular projectors on the factory HIDs... How would I go about changing the headlights to fit an aftermarket? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  13. How to wire halos? Please read

    General E46 Forum
    I installed some p46 projector headlights on my car. The after market headlights had halos already installed. It came with a hardness but I lost that harness. I want to wire the halos to be on all the time and disable my day driving light and only have the halos on. I also want to make the halos...
  14. FS: P46 Facelift projector headlights

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Umnitza P46 projector headlights pair for facelift sedan (2002 - 2005). Canbus 35W system included. Matching 6000K bulbs and 6000K Predator Chromium angel eyes installed. Wiring harness for angel eyes not included. Good condition, only cosmetic wear. Bulbs and angel eyes ignite on both...
  15. Made a mistake installing angel eyes!

    General E46 Forum
    Me and a friend were installing angel eyes in his prefacelift coupe, and we were tired and didn't read the directins right. Instead of running the wires through the h7 bulbs in the back, we drilled a hole through the housing and ran them through. What should we do about this? try to plug it up...
  16. | DEPO, HELIX Projector Headlights, CCFL Angel Eye Ring Kit & Lenses

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements | DEPO, HELIX Projector Headlights, CCFL Angel Eye Ring Kit & Lenses <b>Smoked Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Facelifted Sedan and Wagon Only)</b><br /> <br /> <a href="" target="_blank"><b>PLEASE...
  17. Aftermarket Projector headlight distributors

    Hi all, Just curious who we have here in Australia that can supply aftermarket projector headlights for our cars? I've done some searching as far as our US counterparts and their product pricing is pretty good; the killer is the shipping which on average is $200! So, does anyone know where...
  18. | DEPO, HELIX Projector Headlights, CCFL Angel Eye Ring Kit & Lenses

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements | DEPO, HELIX Projector Headlights, CCFL Angel Eye Ring Kit & Lenses NEW ITEM!! <b>Smoked Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Facelifted Sedan and Wagon Only)</b> <a href="" target="_blank"><b>PLEASE...
  19. | DEPO, HELIX Projector Headlights, CCFL Angel Eye Ring Kit & Lenses

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements | DEPO, HELIX Projector Headlights, CCFL Angel Eye Ring Kit & Lenses Chrome Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Pre-Facelift Sedan and Wagon Only) PLEASE ORDER HERE Smoked Angel Eye Projector Headlights (Coupe Only PLEASE ORDER HERE E46 Coupe Head Light Lenses...
  20. Projectors /w angel eyes for 02'-03' Coupe/Convert.

    General E46 Forum
    I have a new set of Depo projector w/angel eyes (CCFL) headlights I need to sell. They fit 02'-03' 3 series Coupe/Convertible. A great upgrade for those of you that have those nasty yellow halogen lights! *THE HEADLIGHTS WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE MODELS THAT HAVE SCREW-ON CORNER LIGHTS AND WILL...