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predator orion v2

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    Hi Guyz, I have just ordered Umnitza's Predator Orion V2 (6000k) and I am in dilemma whether to get HID conversion or just buy the xenon bulbs for my headlights? - HID conversion will cost me about £250 ($400), for just the lows - (No fogs and high beams included) - Xenon bulbs will cost me...
  2. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hey guys I have a pair of new orion v2s from umnitza, I have an 01 coupe and theyre the wrong type as they are for facelifted models so I figured i'd throw them up on here since umnitza doesn't exchange after 30 day period anymore. Best offer takes em, shoot me a messagel. Thanks!
  3. Lighting Forum
    Got new Predator V2 Orion Multi-color LEDs from Umnitza for my 2005 bmw 325ci convert. E46. I don't see having any issues with the wiring harness itself. Simple: Run yellow wire to footwell for fading effect, run the trigger wire into the ECU and run both sets of wires to correct headlights...