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  1. Engine & Performance
    Selling Rear axle carrier for e46 M3 with AKG differential bushings and Powerflex Subframe bushings. Everything New, never installed. Carrier is in excellent condition came from a car with less then 40k miles on it. If you're doing the subframe this eliminates the need for subframe bushing...
  2. General E46 Forum
    A lot of people on the forum asked me to post pictures of my rear subframe repair. I asked the mechanic to take pictures, not really pictures of a DIY since there were a few of those already out there, just take some showing off the work done, etc. These pictures are what he sent me. I...
  3. Suspension and Braking
    Item is on Ebay, everyone here knows what these are so am not gonna bother w/ descriptions. Part number and all specs found on ebay - use the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/140995744750?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks.
  4. Suspension and Braking
    BRAND NEW, never installed and still in the original box with instructions. I bought these but then went a different route. Fits E46 M3 only. Want any more info or pictures, PM me. $75 shipped (UPS Ground to US). Thanks!
  5. Suspension and Braking
    Just completed my mini suspension overhaul...FCAB's and RTAB's. Save yourself time and headaches, this tool makes your RTAB DIY simple and quick! Easy to use comes with setup instructions for removing old bushings or pressing in new ones. Tool used once bought from bimmerworld...similar to MIS...
  6. Suspension and Braking
    SOLD Brand new in box Powerflex front control arm bushings. These are the 66mm bushings for E46 and Z4. (Non M) Never installed, box only opened once to take pictures. It comes with the box, 1 pair of bushings, powerflex anti seize lube, and instructions for use. BW sells them for about $92...
  7. General E46 Forum
    hey guys..... I need to purchase bushings....I want to purchase the powerflex bushings but modbargains are the only ones that carry them. I found a friend through this forum that would install them for me cheap... I live in burbank...if any of you know of shops around here that carry them please...
  8. Suspension and Braking
    Cleaning out my basement and came across these CABs that I bought years ago from Bimmerworld and are just barely used. They were installed on my '02 330i for less than 100 miles before I found out that the dealership would have replaced them under my extended warrantee. So I had them replace...
  9. General E46 Forum
    If you have Powerflex FCABs, ....
1-9 of 9 Results