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  1. E46 General
    I swapped out my stock muffler for a magnaflow muffler a while ago, in the last few days I have had a lot more exhaust pops, could this be because of an exhaust leak? Any ideas or some insight would be nice.
  2. E46 General
    Hi everyone, This noise might be split into two.. The loud ‘pop’/knock when shifting between reverse/drive/park etc is very loud and noticeable. I have been told by mechanics it is likely backlash in my diff.. Second, is a general knocking in the rear when making sharp turns/ going over...
  3. E46 General
    Hi guys, this is my first post on here, so let's hope we can solve the mystery! I have recently purchased a 2004 e46 320i Msport saloon (129k on the clock), it has just been through (and passed) an MoT. It drives really well and on the whole, I am pleased with it... but... it may have...
  4. E46 M3
    Hello all. Quick question. Took a road trip from Albuquerque, NM to Falcon, Colorado (~400 miles) to visit my parents. Car did amazing the entire way. No hiccups no acceleration issues or funny noises. Low coolant warning came on for 10-15 seconds and then shut off. Its not terribly low. Just...
  5. E46 XI
    What's up e46 fam! Got a quick question I hope you guys can help me out with. Just recently I've been experiencing this popping noise and it feels like it's coming from underneath. It started very gradual and is at the point where it's pretty loud right now. I have taken a look underneath a...
  6. E46 General
    Hey everybody, I'm wondering if someone might have an idea what is causing this: the first time I apply any pressure at all to the brakes after a period of acceleration, there's a distinct noise somewhere between a pop and a clank, coming from the rear of my car. It's like something gets stuck...
1-6 of 6 Results