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  1. Window pop/gravel sound

    General E46 Forum
    Good day, everyone. I have a 2001 325i in which the left front window has a pop noise when going up or down, and a gravel noise when actuated, both issues being in different spots of window travel, but consistent either up or down. I have replaced the regulator, lubed/adjusted the guides, and...
  2. Popping noise felt from underneath!

    E46 Xi Forum
    What's up e46 fam! Got a quick question I hope you guys can help me out with. Just recently I've been experiencing this popping noise and it feels like it's coming from underneath. It started very gradual and is at the point where it's pretty loud right now. I have taken a look underneath a...
  3. Engine help please?

    General E46 Forum
    So i was about less than a minute away, on my way home, when I heard sort of a muffled pop I slowed down and listened as I drove home. I didn't hear any strange noises, and no engine lights or anything else out of the ordinary. I popped the hood and it looked like water had been squirted all...