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  1. E46 M3
    I have a 2005 M3, and need to get a new rack & pinion unit (and new outer tie rods) due to a minor accident. Regarding the rack & pinion, the re-build shop I ordered from doesn't have the base model to send, and agrees to send the upgraded unit for the same price. I believe this is the...
  2. Rack_shaft_connected_properly_to_steering_guibo_on_column-resized

    Rack shaft connected properly to steering guibo on column. If you continue to the right, there is the guibo then telescoping arm of the steering column followed by the U-joint that I had to lubricate to fix my issue.
  3. Rack_shaft_connected_to_steering_column_coupling

    Rack shaft pinion gear lined up & attached to steering guibo. Torx screw (pinch bolt) is photographed being installed on wrong side. Later fixed
  4. Rack shaft meeting intermediate coupling guibo on steering column

    Rack shaft meeting intermediate coupling guibo on steering column - pinch bolt in photo accidentally on wrong side - later fixed
  5. Old Rack & Pinion 2002 325ci

    Rack & Pinion prior to being replaced
  6. Outer Tie Rod Install

    Outer Tie rod install
  7. '02 325ci rack with new tie rods

    Remanufactured Rack with new tie rods
  8. DIY: Do It Yourself
    I recently changed the rear diff fluid on my 2002 325Xi. When I changed it I didn't have the car level so I'm pretty sure that I overfilled it. Now I'm getting a leak from the Pinion Seal area. I'm not sure if my overfilling did this, and if it will stop when the fluid level gets back to normal...
1-8 of 8 Results