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  1. New app for cars coming soon, need e46 owners on there!

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys so I've been working on an app "CarShack" for sharing your car or any photos of cars you take. I would like certain categories of cars to be the starting users and would love other e46 fanatics to be among the first to get the app. You'll get early username selection, early access, and...
  2. BMW M1 bestial sound and flames from the exhaust

    The Showroom
    Hello Guys I made a cool video of BMW M1 and pictures :rofl: Soundcheck Video:
  3. Just some pictures. (HIGH REZ)

    General E46 Forum
    Took a few quality pictures of the Rides today, just thought I would share them. I thought they turned out quite well. Hope you enjoy! My wife would like to add that she actually took the pictures... <BR> <a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting'...
  4. Red BMW's

    General E46 Forum
    So I just got my first e46 yesterday, it is a 2002 electric red 330ci. I am just itching to make some modifications. Post some pics of your electric/ japanrot red bimmers so I can get some ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D
  5. I'm jealous. F'realz. (56K Beware)

    I had the pleasure of meeting up with ColeD707 this evening, up in Santa Rosa (either we need to get more people online up here, or need to get more people to move up here... whatevers). This was (admittedly) my first EVER meetup, of any sort of car group ever (yes, I said "ever" twice), and I...
  6. Washed and Summer Wheel'd my Black 325i (Warning: 31 Pics)

    The Showroom
    Hey everyone, thought I'd share some pics I've recently taken after I cleaned the car and put on some summer wheels. Enjoy!
  7. matte black + orient blue??

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    I was wondering if anyone has some pictures of some matte black wheels on a non-m e46.. i want to get matte black v710's but idk how well they'd look...
  8. Some new pix in the Underground Garage

    The Showroom
    <a href="" title="BMW M3 E46 by Christiandflores, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="BMW M3 E46" /></a> <a...
  9. Cool E46 Pics

    General E46 Forum
    Anybody have some cool e46 pictures they want to post? It'd be cool to have a thread of everyones rides and all the different combinations from Sedans to Coupes To Convertibles. Lets see them!! :thumbsup::craig:
  10. e46Toronto Spring meet Pictures

    General E46 Forum
    e46Toronto held its spring meet Saturday afternoon in Mississauga. Decent turnout; nice selection of rides from stock to well........ not so stock anymore....:woot: :thumbsup: :excited: Long post no sence repeating posting..... Pictures can be found @...
  11. VMR v710 18" Picture Thread!!!

    The Showroom
    I have nothing to add, I just want to see what the wheels look like. :shhh: Post any pictures you have, and if anyone has a ZHP sedan with them, for sure post the pics!
  12. Exotic Car Show Pictures....tons of them :)

    The Showroom
    After the great response from my previous thread with Cars for the Cure Pictures, I wanted to share some from another recent event. This time, it was in Naples, FL...It's called Cars on Fifth - there were exotics present, muscle cars, a few Bimmers, etc. Enjoy Pictures...
  13. Outstanding 3 Series Photos wanted

    The Showroom
    Post whatever you think would be an outstanding picture of your 3 series. for all the people that like to take pictures of their cars and edit them to become exceptional, not just taken for a quick snapshot... I'll go first... P.S. - I'm getting new wheels soon :)
  14. my_02_954RR_003


    2002 CBR 954RR.....Devil Shotgun exhaust.....Barnett Racing Clutch......Xenon bulbs......custom decals