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  1. My LSB M3 Thread Picture Heavy

    The Showroom
    Hello all! After purchasing this car and being on the thread for some time now, I have come to find that there are not many recent or up to date LSB threads. So I thought I would entertain the idea of creating one and keeping it going over time. I intend on posting here weekly with pictures...
  2. M-Tech 2 Splitters Pics?

    General E46 Forum
    Anyone have pics of the their Mtech 2 front bumper with splitters? I'm thinking about getting them but not exactly sure if I like the look yet. Thanks.
  3. BMW Sommerfest 2011 Pics

    ***WARNING - HUGE PICS*** Some pics for those that weren't there. Just point and shoot pics. Excuse the ads. Photobucket FTL. Album here:
  4. M3 mirror on Mtech body?

    General E46 Forum
    Does anyone have pictures of M3 mirrors on a ZHP or a non M with the Mtech kit? Thinking about getting some but haven't completely decided yet.
  5. Cool E46 Pics

    General E46 Forum
    Anybody have some cool e46 pictures they want to post? It'd be cool to have a thread of everyones rides and all the different combinations from Sedans to Coupes To Convertibles. Lets see them!! :thumbsup::craig:
  6. CCV, VANOS and Cooling Overhaul

    General E46 Forum
    CCV, VANOS and Cooling Overhaul (Pics!) Over the weekend I ripped out half the items in my engine bay to take care of some pressing items. CCV Replacement Thermostat Replacement 100k mile overhaul of cooling system (Water tank,Water Pump,hoses...) VANOS Seals I have rolled the past 5k miles...
  7. Here are the pics....

    ///M3 Forum
    Hope you all enjoy
  8. [VIDEOS and PICS] My friend's new E46 M3 w/ exhaust

    ///M3 Forum
    Video 1: Video 2: Pulling out of the owner's house rolling on the way home Enjoy :craig:
  9. Did my vanos seal today

    General E46 Forum
    I did my vanos seals today and I only had one problem.......I cut my finger with the exacto knife when I was taking the old seals off :bawling: Other than that everything went perfect and it was pretty easy, it took me about 3 hours. When I first started it everything was normal and I didnt...
  10. SCOTTCHU Photography Presents: California Dreamin' - DrusC5s - EUROPROJEKTZ

    The Showroom
    It's been a long time coming. My car has changed a lot since its first photoshoot by Scott Chu about 10 months ago ( Since then, I've added a vented hood, custom bumper with lip, repowdercoated my wheels, switched to IR interior and...
  11. 03 imloa red m3 selling feeler

    Complete Cars - Private
    03 imloa red m3 for sale/trade hey guys! so i have a 2003 imola red m3 with two tone grey and black interior, moon roof, tinted windows, power everything, memory seats, 19inch m3 rims, parking sensors, smg, and it has 52,000 miles. I was thinking of selling to have some more cash, since i am...