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  1. E46 General
    Hi guys so I've been working on an app "CarShack" for sharing your car or any photos of cars you take. I would like certain categories of cars to be the starting users and would love other e46 fanatics to be among the first to get the app. You'll get early username selection, early access, and...
  2. California
    BEFORE/AFTER PHOTO!: Hello everyone, My last two photoshoots were RUINED because I didn't know how to take a night photo. One at the beach which would have been awesome, and another at the HOLLYWOOD sign in LA tonight, which would have been really, really awesome. If I had known what you'll...
  3. California
    I had the pleasure of meeting up with ColeD707 this evening, up in Santa Rosa (either we need to get more people online up here, or need to get more people to move up here... whatevers). This was (admittedly) my first EVER meetup, of any sort of car group ever (yes, I said "ever" twice), and I...
1-4 of 4 Results