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    Back in May I purchased my Android Dynavin for my car. Once installed the photos on the ipod covers stopped working after 3rd plug in and first ten minutes installed. Blue tooth worked initially but then latter cut out, the unit stalled and was slow and I couldn't get connection anywhere, it was...
  2. Australia
    hi Perth people i was just wondering if all the Perth E46 owners meet up at one place one day and then followed by a cruise... probably on a sunny Saturday... we shud have atleast 10 drivers to organise this cruise we will finalize the date upon every1s interest :)
  3. Australia
    hi i have got 2005 E46 318i without factory CD changer Just wondering where can i get a kit to play songs from USB and iPod i have come across the kit available in BSW http://bavariansoundwerks.com but after contacting them they said it might not me compatible with aussy models I live in...
  4. Australia
    Hi guys, im new to the forums. I read this interesting article some 3 weeks ago and was wondering if anybody has any new information on it. Will it pass through or not? Basically the WA Govt. is trying to enforce a certain power-to-weight ratio on p platers' which to me sounds :ben: LINK...
1-4 of 4 Results