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  1. E46 General
    My E46 top paint is peeling. Anybody ever got this fixed? How much did it cost? Or should I just live with it?
  2. E46 General
    Hi, So i got the plan to get a paint job on my bmw e46. I can do this for a really cheap price since a friend of me works at a paintshop i can do it himself. Now im wondering what are cool colors for the bmw e46. An example i saw was midnight purple. But im wondering if any of you have any good...
  3. E46 General
    So the rubberised paint on my centre console is pealing all over the place as it does in most e46s so I’m wanting to to remove it before I can possibly repaint it or leave it as is. I was just wondering what’s best to use to remove it, I was thinking paint thinners but I’m unsure how that will...
  4. E46 General
    Hey I have a dilema on what color to pick for my black e46 330i It has the zhp package rims and was thinking about painting it Grey to contrast the black on the car. Do you guys think its a good idea? Any suggestions would help!!
  5. E46 General
    I acquired a 2005 325ci about a year ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. The car had pitting on the hood when I purchased it, but still looked gorgeous when not up close so I forgot about it for the most part. Fast forward to today.. I noticed a tiny bit of bird poop on the car and...
  6. E46 General
    I recently had my wheels touched up and was excited to get them really clean. I decided to try a new wheel cleaner, and got the Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner. I took the wheel off the car to clean it, and I set it on the ground. I followed the instructions on the bottle and when I rinsed...
  7. E46 XI
    My neighbor backed into my car and broke the front bumper and right fender. He's paying me cash, so I thought it'd be a nice opportunity to upgrade them to m3 fender and ZHP bumper. Is that an easy hot swappable task or is it more involving? My goal is not to exceed the amount he's giving me...
  8. E46 General
    Hey guys, I've recently purchased a 2004 e46 320ci (my 2nd BMW) and decided to give the debadging look a go. After watching half a dozen YouTube tutorials as well as reading through a few guides on the e46fanatics forums, I thought i'd get started. Like many guides suggested, I used a...
  9. E46 General
    Last but not least my 3rd question tonight. Thanks so much guys! My used e46's paint is quite mangled and I'd like to give it a nice look when I have time the coming weekends. Could you give some advice on how if and how I could fix this? Front (first 2 pics): The first two pictures. All over...
  10. E46 General
    I have a 2000 328ci and I have been thinking about buying a front lip, but I would rather not spend $200 to $300 dollars to have this $100 piece painted. Not to mention it's a daily so the paint will probably get chipped. I saw a forum recommending the website AutomotiveTouchup to get color...
  11. E46 General
    This has probably been done before, maybe even with a poll, but just wondering what some of the favorite colors are for an E46 sedan?
  12. E46 General
    Hi guys. This is going to be a paint in the @SS but it can't be worse than I already made it. I have a set of black VMR rims. Now hear me out please they are "POWDER COATED" black. They used to be silver but the previous owner decided that he wanted them black and frankly I can understand why...
  13. E46 General
    Hey fanatics! I've searched around quite a bunch and I'm surprised that I can't find anyone who has done this. On the pre-facelift coupes, the fog lights trim, the grill in between the fog lights (front bumper cover trim), and the thin sheet that goes all the way across (grill cover). On non...
  14. New England
    Black 03 325xi needs hood painted. For some reason hood is faded bad but rest of the car looks great. Any recommendations in MA or RI would be greatly appreciated. Included a image of hood (taken while installing new windshield).
  15. Tires, Wheels
    So I'm thinking about buying a GTR-style hood for my 04 m3, however the problem is that all the ones I see online are either carbon or a different color than my m3 (laguna seca blue). Should I buy the hood and get it painted or not buy it at all?
  16. E90
    Genuine BMW Touch-Up Paint Stick Sets!!! BMW's unique colors and metallic finishes can sometimes be difficult to match. To restore your vehicle's original appearance from small scratches, chips, etc., choose from the long list of BMW Touch-up Paint Sticks available and coded exclusively for...
  17. E46 General
    Did it a few months back, never had the chance to shoot the video. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Well worth the effort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWa6MtMQK78
  18. E46 General
    I am thinking about plasti dipping my rims and want to know if it's worth it or if it's wasting my time. I'd like to know from people who have done it before. How will it handle gravel or rough roads? Thanks!
  19. E46 General
    does anyone know the color of our primer? I just pulled the bra off my car, and he's got some paint chips that go down to a black layer. If that's primer, is there any way I can touch it up? The chips are reasonably sized, probably about a square inch. They're all on just the bumper, not the...
1-19 of 72 Results