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paint job
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  1. E46 General
    hey guys, recently bought a 2003 325i sport and I LOVE it. I wanna keep almost everything OEM except some lighting upgrades to keep that updated look. however the paint is the only problem. I have the midnight navy as the stock paint (don't know the exact name or code) and it has some serious...
  2. E46 Showroom
    hey guys ,just wanted to start a thread of a build I have been documenting just haven't had time to post up the pics. -FULL PAINT(FROZEN SILVER) -WHEELS (DPE WHEELS) -COILOVERS (D2) -QUARTER PANEL WIDENING -BLACK SUEDE HEADLINER -CARBON FIBER INTERIOR WRAP -MTECH 2 FRONT & REAR BUMPER (DDM) -HID...
  3. Great Lakes
    Hey Fanatics, I have an E46 that I need painted desperately. Local body shops around my area want to charge me $3,000+ and I just do not have that kind of money. So I am looking for someone who could paint my car. I'll come to you and I'll bring the paint and supplies. Price is negotiable :D
  4. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Ok so this is my first ever DIY that I have posted, if it's been a DIY prior to this then I apologize I am certainly not trying to steal anyone's thunder, so-to-speak... so this is going to be a slow and steady because that's what you have to be with painting anything and as always the "prep"...
  5. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    Im opening a new thread with new pictures of before and after. The other thread was too big. Before And After A big thanks to all peeps at Impressive for all your advice and hospitality. I will be back for the s54 swap soon. John Leo and all others. :clap:
  6. Pacific Northwest, Hawaii
    A guy put some dents and scratches in my passenger-side doors and insurance is going to cover the cost. Since the cost is covered, I'd appreciate some recommendations about great body/paint shops, since the repair requires some tough dent-pulls, and paint matching. BMW Seattle recommended...
  7. E46 General
    Hi members, had a little mishap with the car and ended up scratching my bumper. Not too bad but bad enough not to ignore:confused:. Any one know of a good place in the Seattle vicinity that does a good job but still is affordable? Thanks :thumbsup:
1-7 of 7 Results