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  1. Switch paddles to different wheel

    General E46 Forum
    Hello guys, I'm buying a 325i SMG. And it comes with the facelift sport wheel. But I want to swap it up with an M steering wheel from my old E46. But my M steering wheel does not have paddles. How can I transfer them to the M wheel. I've searched the internet and forum but steel cant seem to...
  2. SMG shift boot, SMG paddles, SMG Dome

    hi, I need to clear some space so these are for sale shift boot, 10/10 condition : $20 SMG paddles, few sets, 9/10 condition : $20pair SMG dome painted black, 10/10 condition: $30
  3. Any E46 nav head unit, bm53 smg paddles and dome

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    here is a link to my ebay ads taken from my 02 m3 - nav unit with tape deck- some dead pixels make me an offer ill give e46 members a better price than ebay also have the bm53...
  4. FS: Brand New SMG M Steering Wheel with control/Paddles-NJ

    Brand new in box never mounted M steering wheel with Nickel trim No greasy handprints, no nicks, perfect!
  5. FS: M3 SMG Steering Wheel - CHEAP!

    Selling my SMG M3 steering wheel. Came off my 04 with 47k on it. The wheel comes with everything except the air bag. It is in good condition all over. The top has a tiny bit of wear but it isn't really noticeable. If you really wanted to, they are very easy to reupholster DIY, in fact someone on...
  6. FS: bmw oem e46 m3 smg-ii paddles used need touch up

    Used Original BMW OEM SMG-II Paddles from my 2005 E46 M3 (USA). BMW Part number 32347891003 Right side (+) in great condition but left side (-) need to be repainted. Pair for $50 with free shipping from Florida. Sold in as is condition.