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  1. E46 Diagnostic Live Data Help to Review

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    Numbers of DTCs 0 Fuel system 1 statusCL Fuel System 2 statusCL Calculated Load Value(%)51.8 Engine Coolant Temperature(¡£F)204 Short Term Fuel Trim -Bank 1(%)1.6 Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1(%)3.9 Short Term Fuel Trim -Bank 2(%)0.0 Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 2(%)3.1 Engine RPM(rpm) 1984...
  2. P0102

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    Getting P0102 code. I've searched but seems like no definitive answer on the forum. So far I have: Replaced MAF, CCV, Intake Boots (upper and lower), F-Connector and the 2 hoses attached to it (the small hose leading to the fuel filter was broken). Checked the MAF wiring for crimps (none...
  3. P0102 Error Code

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    Hi all, I'm new to this forum but have been on Bimmerfest for a while. I just rebuilt the upper end on an 01 330ci. (Planed head, new head gasket, timeserts in the block, all new hoses, radiator, etc.) bought it with a blown head gasket. The car runs great but illuminuated the MIL lamp and my...