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  1. Coolant hose blew of after coolant system overhaul.

    General E46 Forum
    Once again I need advice from this awesome place. I just did an overhaul of my cooling system on a BMW e46 320i Touring -02 Manual Transmission List of what I changed: - Thermostat (Mahle) - Radiator (Hella/Behr) - Water pump (Meyer) - Expansion tank (Meyer) - Plate between radiator and...
  2. Water Pump Pulley Won't Match to Saleri Water Pump

    General E46 Forum
    Hello. Like the title says, I have a Saleri (OEM) water pump that I just received today that wont match with the pulley (screw holes wont line up). I am in the middle of the cooling system replacement and am now putting everything back into the car. I purchased the Saleri pump from Autohausaz. I...
  3. e46 service question?

    General E46 Forum
    Looking at an 05 Oxford green2 325i with 68k on it and this i right around the time that the cooling system is done if I'm not mistaken. The last service record (carfax) at 67k said that: Engine electrical system checked Body electrical system checked Washed/detailed Recommended maintenance...
  4. New Car.. got some Q's

    General E46 Forum
    Three weeks ago I lost the 2000 323i in a four-car pile-up. Managed to snag a '03 330i for $6,700 up in Chicago that's in great cosmetic shape, has some nice features that outdo my last car (gray versus orient blue, OEM bi-xenon, lumbar, fold down rear seats, bigger engine... ) but after 172k...
  5. 1999 323i GM 5L40E Transmission Rebuild Help

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, Soon I am going to rebuild my 5L40E transmission in my 1999 323i. Its slipping in 4th gear. My independent tech tested all of my solenoids and pressures and everything points to an overhaul. The car has 202,000 miles on it so its about time anyways. Do i need to remove the valve body in...