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  1. E46 Showroom
    Hey everyone, my name is Adam and I finally bought (well 6 months ago) the car that I've wanted since I bought my first car in 2000... I really want an Imola on Imola but that combo is super super rare and only came in M3, or so I have heard. 2001 325Ci Cabriolet Orient Blue 5-speed Bought it...
  2. Tires, Wheels
    I was wondering if anyone has some pictures of some matte black wheels on a non-m e46.. i want to get matte black v710's but idk how well they'd look...
  3. E46 General
    Does anyone know a place that sells adhesive vinyl for door moldings that even comes close to match orient blue???:loco:
  4. E46 General
    What's up guys, I recently bought an orient blue metallic 2002 BMW 325xi. I love everything about the car, but i noticed the car is not very fast. I have been looking all around forums and came to the conclusion that to make it quick i would need to invest in a turbocharger/supercharger, chip...
  5. E46 Showroom
    I want to thank each and every one of you for the "flaming" of my chrome wheels and helping me to see the light :thanks: Which pursued me to get these Once again thank you flamers for making me realize just how bad chrome wheels look on e46's. im very happy with these wheels. VMR is amazing
  6. E46 General
    So from seeing all you guys getting rid of that ugly wood trim its now giving me the idea to do the same. Ken a while back had a brilliant idea to go with it body colored. (Orient blue in this case) which I thought could be unique and pull it off. Or just go with Piano black. opnions? pics?
  7. E46 Showroom
    washed my car and decided to take some pix before my v710's come. cant wait! excuse the chrome wheels. their goin away QUICK I took these with my phone. :( I need to get a real cam. Hope you guys like it :eek:
  8. Tires, Wheels
    So :banghead: i've been really taking my time 2 find the perfect wheels. I want something unique and diffrent. like hyper black or gunmetal but its risky heres my car with current ugly wheels and the ones im thinking about getting in size 18" or 19" on modargins.com feel free 2 flame im used 2...
  9. Lighting
    need some pix. trying 2 make up my mind on it since i just put in a black grill. thank u! :bow:
  10. Tires, Wheels
    Does anyone have pix of an orient blue e46 with hyper black wheels? im thinking about doin this mixture but not 2 sure how it looks. if any other opnions feel free 2 throw em out there 4 me. im really taking my time 2 find something unique and diffrent.
  11. orient blue

    orient blue
  12. orient blue

    m aero
1-17 of 17 Results