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oil burning

  1. Oil is being burnt at an alarming rate

    General E46 Forum
    It would appear my E46 is burning oil very, very fast. Like 1 quart per 250 miles. This may be because I beat the hell out of it, half of my time spent driving it is banging through gears, and driving the car pretty hard. So after about 20 minutes of doing that burnt oil starts to blow through...
  2. Is this normal after valve cover gasket change?

    General E46 Forum
    Just changed the valve cover gasket and 15 grommets on my e46. Previously, it smoked some and smelled like burning oil at idle. I put everything back together and took it around the neighborhood. Well it smelled like burning oil and about 5 minutes in, the yellow oil light came on. I immediately...

    General E46 Forum
    Edit (April, 2020): Please visit my website for the full write up.
  4. Engine Bay Smoke

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all Been driving my e46 318i with loving care for the last 5 years. I have been experiencing engine smoke coming from the engine bay during driving. It generally occurs when the car has been running for a minute or two, and happens for about 10 minutes and then goes away. It does come...
  5. Valve stem oil seals and/or piston rings?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hello, Can anyone offer some advice. I've got a 2002 325i saloon which is a eating oil for fun. Started misfiring the other night after I'd took her to 130mph. Upon inspection plug no 4 was oiled up. It's been a bit smokey for a while for awhile so knew oil seals where on the way out. I'm...
  6. oil burning + no start + stalling + red battery and oil light + cold weather

    General E46 Forum
    I'm writing about a 2004 330ci, 6speed manual with 117K. So we had about 7 inches of snow last night and very cold temperatures (about 8F). I got up this morning, cleaned off my car, which was bumper deep in snow, got some neighbors to push and was on my way. About a block down the road i...
  7. Oil Valve Gasket + First Post

    General E46 Forum
    Just purchased my first car, 04' 330i ZHP, extremely happy with car and i'm excited to be able to join the community! Just have a question hope you guys could offer me some advice. :clap: I just recently purchased a 330i zhp and so far I'm really happy with it, I took it in to...
  8. worrying smoke on start up.....

    General E46 Forum
    i have had my 330i for 2 months now and all has been ok until i popped into the town the other day for some shopping and when i got back in the car ad started it i got quite a lot of smoke out the exhaust and a really strong lingering smell of burning oil! after a few secs it cleared as if it...
  9. BMW e46 oil burning

    General E46 Forum
    hi Guys need some help pls have recently bought a BMW 318 auto saloon 2002 (facelift model) the problem i have is that, every 300 miles i have to refil the oil AND when the engine is on and the car is not moving for more than 3/4 minutes(e.g stuck in traffic) , white smoke comes out for a few...