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oil burn
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  1. General E46 Forum
    I recently purchased a 2005 330i (my first car) and am aware a few issues with it (such as a coolant leak, of course) as I took my mechanic with me and had him hook his scanner up to the car to check everything out. Now, neither the seller nor my mechanic mentioned anything regarding the...
  2. General E46 Forum
    First post Car 2002 330ci convertible 130k miles After having trouble with my car loosing lots of oil I went through an omnibus fixing spree spree to try to fix just about anywhere oil could be leaking as well as do some suggested replacement of parts. After fixing I ran into a new problem that...
  3. General BMW E36 Forum
    The car is a 2002 325Ci manual transmission. 168,000 miles. Runs good. Still does 30 miles/gal on long drives. I add 1quart of synthetic oil every 1000 miles. Weighing the expense of repair vs. cost of maintaining the car this way, adding oil seems sensible. However I want to know where...
  4. General E46 Forum
    So I get it. Every variation of bmws straight 6 burns a bit of oil, meaning, enough that oil has to be added inbetween oil change intervals. Well, why? What is the oil getting past in the engine to be burned. I've read about pcv valves failing and causing oil burning, but what is the cause...
1-4 of 4 Results