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  1. * OFFICIAL * E46Fanatics Shirt / Key Chain

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    UPDATE NEW DESIGN! * OFFICIAL * E46Fanatics Shirt Huge update on page 18 NEW DESIGN COMING SOON! E46Fanatics Key Chain ($7.00 Shipped) Attention: I am trying to help out the E46fanatics Community! I am handling the designing, shipping, and ordering of each of the individual shirts that...
  2. *Official Battery Thread*

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    Hi All, So after seven years on the OEM battery the 330 was starting to lose it's kick when starting. I just replaced mine with the Wal-Mart Everstart 94R battery. There was some confusion (at least in my mind) as to whether it was an exact replacement... it is. Paid $77 for the battery plus a...
  3. The Official E46 Parts List: Maintenance Items

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    Disclaimer: everyone knows the Xi is an exception to every single rule so this thread does not cover the Xi and/or iT. Some parts will be the same but it is mainly for the early E46s, nonetheless I will add full 323/325/328/330 i/Ci/Cic support later. And make every part number clearer for some...