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  1. Drive your e46 WITHOUT adding miles to the odometer!!!

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    This will be a short one because the title says it all. I took out my center console the other day to paint it black with dupli-color ez peel (plastidip). This meant I also removed my dsc toggle switch. Doing so will temporarily disable the following: speedometer mpg gauge traction control abs...
  2. 621,372 Mile Mystery

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, My 2000 323i has 126k and the odometer has bee working without issue for the 3-4 months I've had the car, then I looked down the other day and my odometer says this. The trip meter still clocks mileage but my odometer has been frozen at 621,372 for about the last 300 miles. I had some...
  3. No speedo, mpg gauge. Which sensor?

    General E46 Forum
    Finished a cooling system overhaul and immediately after lost speedo,mpg, and odometer. My abs light is on but that has been on for a while. Did I forget to plug something in? My assumption is that my rear sensor is bad, maybe even just dirty. But I don't know which sensor is for the speedo, as...
  4. ODO and A/C problem

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone. I got two issues I have been sitting on for quite a while and just never got around to addressing. First of which being is that the trip counter on the odometer will not reset. I have tried a few, mainly just trying to push the button in several different ways, but no such luck...
  5. Gauge cluster knob repair

    This is for the guys that broke their gauge cluster knob. I broke mine while installing gauge rings. I had this made for my car and had a few spares made at the same time since most of the cost was in setup. I'm selling the spares to help cover the cost of making them. These are cnc machined...
  6. Odometer Rollback Check

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I'm about to purchase a second hand 2000 BMW e46 320D European version. I found a good car and I was so ready to buy it, when I saw that the tamper dot right next to the mileage. From what I read about it, it means that there's been an odometer rollback since the dot is on. However...
  7. Odometer "rolls back" thousands of miles

    General E46 Forum
    Hey Guys, I have a '99 328i with about 110,000 miles on it. Got it about 5 years ago etc etc, and recently found out something pretty interesting when i killed the battery. It seems that each time i disconnect the battery the odometer goes back to 90,458 miles. I was surprised to find that...