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  1. FS - Complete Non HK Sound System

    Have a full working set. Set of ten in total, 2 tweeters, 4 mids, and 4 full size speakers. All of them work. The full size speakers come with the plugs and all of the speakers come with a little bit of wire connected to them still. Trying to sell them as a whole set for $100 shipped. Willing...
  2. Rear Speaker Grills Don't Fit Anymore... What to do?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    My car is non HK, and I just started my whole sound update, and first thing was, I bought some JBL P662S 6.5" 2 Way Speakers for the front and rear. I used some brackets to make them fit, however the speaker grills will not fit anymore. I want to keep the stock look and not use the speakers...
  3. New to BMW electronics -need help with upgrading non HK system (323i sedan)

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    i have been searching around for many many hours and cannot seem to find the correct items i need to buy. but i have an idea just from reading. i want to have an above average system because i know the stock non HK sound system does not sound the best.. Maintaining the stock HU would help on...