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  1. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Front Speaker Upgrade Kit for E46 sedan/wagon with Standard Hi-Fi system 2 Front Door Tweeters/Midrange/Midbasses No longer own vehicle, speakers are mint. Looking for $225 shipped open to trade for e46 M3 goodies :)
  2. Electronics
    Hi all! Before you tell me to look it up, I have already. I have a 1999 323i with non-HK sound, so HK speakers are not supposed to be compatible with my car without a new wiring loom and amplifier. Anyway, I picked up an HK midrange speaker (the 2.5" on the front doors) from a scrapyard. I...
  3. E46 General
    My car is an 2006 M3 and previous owner installed some aftermarket tweeters into the rear shelf. I will be removing those and I will be replacing the modified rear shelf for a stock one. However, after some searching, I've seen some varieties of rear shelf, so I would like to know which year...
1-3 of 3 Results