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  1. Grom BT3 no sound

    General E46 Forum
    First of all I know this is the wrong sub-forum but it seems like the audio forum doesn't get much attention. I recently came across a used grom bt3 module for an e46. All the wires are making good contact, and I installed the 10 pin connector according to the instructions book. On my iPhone...
  2. Help. No sound in HK stock amp and stereo!!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey guys I have a 2003 BMW 330i and I was driving it one day months ago and all of a sudden I heard crackling noises with my speakers while listening to some music and then nothingness. Recently I've read up the possibilities of fuses being blown or amps. I've checked my fuses and I recently...
  3. HK Subwoofers not working, previous owner had after markets installed

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    This is my second e46 I noticed the bass was not quite the same as my first but I kind of tabled it. Now it's starting to bother me. I did some digging in the car and on the forums. I took the sub amp apart and it looks well in tact. The more digging I did in the car I started to find a lot of...
  4. Help!!!!! No sound from my speakers radio still works

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    My speakers don't sound at all my radio is working it shows the radio stations turns on and everything. I been trying to read post on here about the same problem and I already checked my fuses I try disconnecting the battery and leave it for 15 mins and disconnected the amp and waited 1 minute...
  5. SO sound coming from speakers, please help.

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hello friends, ok so I have a problem with my speakers. First, I connected the battery backwards and I fried my Alternator. Tha's beenn taken care of. The problem now is my radio. I checked all the fuses, and the one in the back of the head unit was out. So i replaces it, but now I get no...
  6. New coax speakers and no sound

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    what up what up! Removed all of my speakers because I want to do a complete speaker overhaul. My old speakers were sounding horrible. I ordered a pair of Infinity Kappa 62.9 co-axis speakers to install in the rear deck. I hooked em up yesterday and was unable to get any sound out of them. Can i...
  7. USA SPEC no sound!!

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, wondering if i could get a little help from anybody who has setup their USA SPEC PA12. After going through delmarco's excellent install guide, i followed the same steps working on my car. In the trunk were the 3 and 6 pin connectors (no CD changer/ no Sirius) and i routed the cable to...
  8. E46 - No sound but everything appears OK

    General E46 Forum
    I have a BMW E46 Business Tape/Radio Head Unit, Part No. 65 12 6 935 629. No sound comes out of any of the speakers and yet the display indicates that everything including CD is working OK. My unit works in another car but not in mine. I have, however, tried a BMW Business RDS (which is a...