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no heat from heater

  1. Got no heat

    General E46 Forum
    I'm the designated wrench twister for my wife's '01 325i. On the last cold day of spring, she reported no heat only ambient air. I did my due diligence and searched this forum and youtube and concluded a stuck heater control valve (solenoid) was the likely culprit. I had checked the fuse to...
  2. No Heat in Texas

    General E46 Forum
    Well, there's this common misconception that there's no need for a heater in Texas. After this last winter, I would really like meet this person that started this rumor and slap them! 'Cause I really would like mine! I bought my 03 325i sedan on August 7, of last year. It's my first car...
  3. 2000 323i Still Overheating & Still No Heat From Heater

    General E46 Forum
    I had a major coolant leak on the freeway. Low coolant light came on then temp gauge started creeping up. Fortunately, I was close to home, & after (slowly) adding coolant 3 times, got it back into my garage without overheating. Found a 4" long crack in the expansion tank. Removed tank &...