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need help

  1. M54 ECU Remap (TunerPro)

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Hello guys.I am Andrew I want to remap my ecu from my e46, but i am new into this.. With Galletto 1260, I have extracted the .bin file from ecu. I want to tune this in TunerPro, but i need xdf file. Whats is xdf and where to get this file? If I have xdf file, and I have finished to tune .bin...
  2. 330i cracked radiator part . NEED HELP .

    General E46 Forum
    Hello , My first post ever but just wondering if I need to replace the whole radiator or If I can just buy the part alone . It's the plastic part attached on the right side of radiator next to the expansion tank . Not sure how to post a pic on here . Any help at all is appreciated .
  3. Anything would help with my new car!

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, this is my first post on this forum :D ! Anyways I just bought my first car, the 2000 BMW 323i. I honestly love the car, It runs and handles like a beauty. I'm looking to invest some money into the car. I'm not gonna go out and buy an M3, I'm just looking for ether a better...
  4. Outside thermometer reading +122

    The Showroom
    Hello anyone willing to help i'm in a bit of a situation here... After my friend changed the horn in my 2002 330ci my temp sensor read -44 degrees. I then evaluated the situation and found out that the sensor had just become unplugged. But the wires were messed up and ect... After rewiring a new...
  5. car's vibration and noise help

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Last night my car was No issue. But in this morning, my car gets extreme vibration and sounds like a helicopter in the front Wheel not the engine. I took it to an auto shop and asked what's wrong in my car. they told me try to turn a circle at both side and see which side's bearing is going...
  6. Very Low Idle (Sometimes?)

    General E46 Forum
    I was driving my 2000 328Ci last night after a shower had just hit Connecticut, where I reside, it was very humid and my car did something that its never done before. I was on the highway and having 3 other people in my car I dropped the car into 3rd which put the engine at about 4000rpm and...
  7. Can anyone identify these wheels?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Need help identifying these wheels. (This is my sister's car btw :shhh:)
  8. I got PROBLEMS!! Electrical & now emotional

    General E46 Forum
    Here is the blow by blow and I am praying there is someone in here who can help!! PLEASE 2003 330i was driving in bad ice snow storm 2 days ago. had to disengage DSC because car would have got stuck on hill. while driving thru this mess, the dash started blinking on and off then 3x this...
  9. Facelifted sedan EE tail light help needed

    Lighting Forum
    So I have been looking on this forum for a picture of quick diy of the EE sedan tail light wiring. I know everyone is going to say :banghead: plug n play but...I bought a pair of lights for huge savings with the complete driver side with resistor. the passenger side on the other hand has had the...
  10. Window Regulator Replacement

    Hey guys, ive have my BMW 318i for over a year now, love it :) only now has something gone wrong with it. My drivers window isnt working. It's not going down, and its struggling to go up! ive read that it would generally be the WINDOW REGULATOR from the descriptions ive read. My window is...
  11. instrument cluster problem. NEED HELP

    General E46 Forum
    first off, im new to bmw's this is actually my first car im 16 its a 2000 323ci. the problem im looking at right now is on the instrument cluster, the only thing that works is the speedometer, the lights do turn on and my blinkers do flash on the cluster and at the bottom of the screen were the...
  12. will these rims fit my e46? need help fast

    General E46 Forum
    Please help i want to buy rims from a 08 328i and want to put them on my 01 325ci. if you can please email me at dennis . whittinghill @ gmail . com Sport Edition KM11 17" Alloy Rims 2008 328i Convertible 225/45R17