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need advice

  1. General E46 Forum
    2002 330ci automatic with 130,000 miles. Only when the temperature in the mornings drops to 50 I get a misfire. Once the car is warmed up I don't have a single issue. I hear an exhaust leak and it is only significant during the first 45 secs on a COLD MORNING start. Any other times of day...
  2. ///M3 Forum
    Hey guys Im new here, so a little back story. I have owned 2 b5 S4s. Not a Audi nut or anything but I just always loved those cars. My First was a brilliant black S4 which was totaled by a hit and run. Then I purchased a perfect Widebody Nogaro Blue S4. I had it at stage two for a while now, 21...
  3. Australia
    Hi guys, I need to have my FLCAB replaced - i've jacked the car up and moved the wheel and there's a LOT of movement (1-1.5cms) on the camber arm, which i'm getting loud knocking and clonking noises. Sorry for the newbie questions. I've did a search but didnt quite get an exact answer.. 1) if...