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  1. E46 General
    Hi i have a 2004 330i ZHP with Nav and Hardman Kardon speakers. I just replaced the amp because I thought that is why the speakers are not working but it did not solve the problem. so non of the speakers work or make a static sound not sure why. does anyone know what it could be?
  2. E46 General
    Just bought a new battery because the old one was clearly dead, but I noticed that my nav unit in the trunk just randomly turns on even if the car isn't turning on. Can the nav unit be a source of power drain?
  3. E46 General
    I keep getting random emergency screen on the nav in a 2005 330Ci convertible ZHP. When it happens, it locks the bluetooth connected phone out from making calls for a few minutes and the red light above the phone and CD eject button lights up. Any thoughts or experience with same? Thanks.
  4. Electronics
    I'm trying to put my 2006 E46 conv back in shape with everything original (costly). One of the issues I have is with the head unit screen. It's working well but the eject button is not responsive and the screen doesn't tilt open. I managed to lift it open manually with the unit switched...
  5. Electronics
    OK, I've searched and searched but found nothing on this topic. I have a 2006 330Ci convertible with the OEM radio/cd/nav. I bought the car about 2 weeks ago. This is my first BMW. According to vin decoder I have: S550A On-board computer S609A Navigation system Professional S640A Preparation f...
  6. E46 General
    Looking at an E46 with navigation but I do not want navigation. Is it possible to retrofit a nav car and make it like a non-nav car? Is the dash the same? Is it a simple swap with radio and climate control or a completely different dash?
  7. E46 General
    Has anyone replaced the factory radio with an aftermarket radio with XM/Sirrus and Nav? What brand and do you recommend it? Thanks!
  8. Electronics
    Hello All, I have an 05 M3 with the factory nav and the 16:9 screen. It does not appear to have the Harmon Kardon upgrade. What I'd like to do is add BT, aux input and possibly a rear camera option if available. I've heard of a DICE (?) option or something that can a TV tuner or something but I...
  9. Electronics
    '03 330i 4D w/ HK, Nav, Aux Input I'm trying to pull off a tablet conversion and I'm banging my head against a brick wall with one last element: control. I got myself a JoyConEXC and I can't figure out how to get it to work. More specifically, I'm struggling with the wiring. I can't seem to...
  10. DIY Guides
    Hi everybody, I just bought my first BMW a few days ago. It is a 2005 330i with Navigation and the business radio. Everything seemed fine at first (Aside from the airbag light and seatbelt light constantly on). Today we were driving, listening to music, when the nav screen shut off and wouldn't...
  11. Electronics
    topic pretty much says it all. i dont have much experience here but im looking for things like the pandora album cover art. im also looking to run regular antenna radio as well. hoping for an easy install that my mechanic can handle and ive got about a rack to spend. i currently have an iphone...
  12. DIY Guides
    I'm looking a buying a 2004 325ci and after inspecting it noticed it does have a working stock digital TV tuner and widescreen but no Navigation unit. I am aware that these units are dated and there are better tech options available but I am a sucker for the OEM look. If I look at adding a MK4...
  13. E46 Convertible
    Hi, I've got a 2002 BMW 320ci Convertible with the Navigation Professional, CD changer and Harman Kardon extra. I've searched and searched but to no avail. I've disassembled the nav system in the car to see if I can connect a aux cable but can't seem to locate the AUX-pin connector that...
  14. E46 XI
    I just recently bought my 04 330xi and have run into an issue. When I test drove the vehicle the radio would only display the BMW splash screen and then stay on that screen. The personIi bought it from said that it was due to the dead battery. After I purchased the car and put in a new battery...
  15. Electronics
    Hi everyone, I want to start off by saying that I did quite a thorough search here on the forums (+ Bimmerforums.com and Dynavin.freeforums.org) to find the answers to my questions, but no luck. Either the install was for a non-nav E46, or one without BT pre-installed, or the OEM nav was...
  16. E46 General
    Is there anyway to get a hold of the navigation dvd for my car? Just trying to keep things complete. I know an after market unit would be best but it would be nice to have OEM all working. Any input would be helpful. Thanks in advanced.
  17. DIY Guides
    I have a 2001 330i E46. A few months ago I upgraded my Navigation firmware to SW 3-1/63 and then I got that bloody "ACCEPT" screen everytime I started my car. So tonight, I hook up NCS-Expert and changed the language in the nav (GT module) from "US,Kanada" to just "ece." I now have...
  18. E46 General
    Hi all, I have read the reverse camera threads, but I have one question remaining. I have a 2006 330Cic with OEM nav system. I also just installed a DICE module with spec doc for my iPhone (works great). I would like to install a reverse camera, but I don't know if I have a TV tuner or if one...
1-18 of 28 Results