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  1. E46 General
    Hey everyone! I've had a pretty loose shifter on my e46 318ti, and decided to refresh all of the bushings, washers, clips of the shifter. Basically every part from this picture Except numbers 1, 5, 6, 8 and 9. After that the shifter became really nice and stiff, but when the car is cold - it's...
  2. E46 General
    Hey everyone, I've got this very interesting problem with my e46 318ti: My engine (N42B20) occasionally, maybe once every 3-5 minutes, revs up slowly, in the matter of about 5 seconds, to 1700rpm, and then immediately drops back down to 750rpm idle. It only happens when the car is fully warmed...
  3. Europe
    Hello everyone, I have an issue, where inpa reads intake camshaft position above max, car seems to be running just fine, but I have a rattling exhaust vanos unit, but now I am concerned about the values, exhaust seems to read normal, but intake is above normal, can this mean I have bad intake...
  4. Europe
    Hello, my e46 318ci with the n46 engine gives sometimes the fault code 2a61 vvt teaching function at stop, i searched the forum but i cant find a solution, when i delete the error its working again but sometimes i cant delete it so i need to relearn it again with inpa, after this i can delete...
  5. E46 General
    Can someone confirm if the following would share the same engines... *2002 318ci Convertible (Manual) *2004 318ci Convertible (Manual) This has the n42b20 engine I’m hoping that the older cars share the same engine as I need this engine code and would much rather buy a donor car (pre facelift)
  6. E46 General
    Hi everyone, just need help to identify the pipe in the picture as it was ruptured and snapped off the engine. It is located on the left side of the front of the engine, and when it broke it sprayed boiling water all over my arm. In the picture, it is the pipe with the white circle on it in the...
  7. E46 General
    As the title states are all push fit pencil ignition coils interchangeable or do I need to get a specific set for my car (318Ci N42 engine)
1-7 of 7 Results