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  1. EBC Brakes
    So, here at EBC Brakes We like to offer a free set of pads each month to a randomly selected forum member. In past giveaways We have discussed our first cars, garage and storage spaces, famous people we have met or would like to have met and weird and wonderful vehicles amongst other topics...
  2. Electronics
    I have a 2002 325i and I decided to install new speakers a few months ago. I went with the infinity 6032ci speakers because I saw that they were recommended multiple times as I was researching online. I bought brackets off of crutchfield.com and the speakers fit pretty well. I dont know why but...
  3. E46 General
    Hi, I have an 02' 330Ci that was, unfortunately, manufactured prior to satellite being installed in the car. So, I still want to hook my phone up to play music. I've heard of the Bavarian sound, but I don't want to shell out upwards of $300 for the Bluetooth one and what not. Someone told me it...
  4. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello guys, I have been wanting to install an AUX cable in my car for a while but I want to do it myself. I have seen several posts about it and some are quite helpfull, but I have a specific question: I have a car phone. Well, residual car phone. The phone is not there anymore, but the dock...
  5. Electronics
    Hey all, I have recently installed the BSW soundplicity control iii in my 2005 BMW 330i ZHP with Harman/Kardon sound. I'm hoping there are some here who have some experience with this system as I am having some issues. The installation went flawlessly and it really was simple to do. I am having...
  6. Electronics
    I can't seem to find anything online that points to something favorable. I want a shop that knows the e46 bracket issue, and can do it. I've researched far too long, to still be this far behind with the audio. hahaha
  7. E46 General
  8. Electronics
    Just finished my 10" midrange build in my 325i.:excited: Fiberglassed into the rear. Hardly takes up any space and loud when you want. Best part is when im parked at night no one knows any better because they cant see them.:ben:
1-8 of 10 Results