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  1. E46 General
    Hey guys and gals, Wondering what everyones opinion is on removing the rear cat on my car. From what I've been told from my exhaust shop is that there is a cat at the headers and another cat further down and then the 2 resonators along with the muffler. I would be keeping the headers cat but...
  2. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    Hey everyone! I have a 2005 325i with the dual exhaust. Please what kinda of muffler should I get. I want a nice growl but not to terribly loud. It's a sedan btw
  3. E46 General
    I swapped out my stock muffler for a magnaflow muffler a while ago, in the last few days I have had a lot more exhaust pops, could this be because of an exhaust leak? Any ideas or some insight would be nice.
  4. E46 General
    I've been surfing on the internet and tried to see how it sounds like when an E46 does a muffler delete. I have a 2003 318i N42B20 engine, here in Indonesia (southeast asia), the 318i is quite popular since there are only 3 model variants sold: 318i, 325i, 330i. When I first bought the car, it...
  5. E46 General
    I recently purchased a vibrant 1148 muffler for my e46 and hadn’t realized that the stock e46 has 2 pipes coming from the resonator to muffler inlet, and my new muffler has just one. The new vibrant muffler has a single 2.5” inlet while stock has 2 2”. I’ll be needing a Y-pipe installed of...
  6. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    I'm considering deleting my second resonator on my 330Ci, which is otherwise completely stock. Is this a terrible idea? Will it sound raspy and unbalanced? I'm hoping for a deeper more grumbly sound but nothing too obnoxious. Anyone who's done it, what differences have you noticed? Also, this...
  7. Driveline
    Selling the stock cat-back exhaust off of my 04 330ci ZHP. $175 local pick up only. Would consider meeting north east based members halfway if you toss in extra for gas.
  8. E46 Convertible
    I was just gifted an 05 330ci convertible from my grandparents and am looking to start upgrading it. Does anyone have any recommendations for mufflers or exhaust systems around or bellow $500. I don't want it to be too loud but I would really want to get some deep rumbling especially in the low...
  9. E46 XI
    I been looking for aftermarket mufflers and stuff because I want my car sound like a little louder but not like so loud where the whole street wakes up. I tried looking a stuff and I can't seem to find what would be the best affordable option for me. I watched a few videos on a magnaflow 11378...
  10. E46 General
    I did a muffler delete on my 330ci but I want more. I want it to backfire and sound louder I don't know if getting an aftermarket exhaust system is the way to go or not just looking for any suggestions.
  11. E46 General
    Hello to all, I have thought of a complex and cheap exhaust system for my BMW E46 320D. So badically my idea is to install a SECOND EXHAUST SYSTEM on my car without removing the original one. I need the original exhaust system so that the car runs smooth and without noise on a daily basis. My...
  12. E46 General
    I'm looking to put in a new muffler as I don't want to blow money on a new exhaust and I want more sound. Basically just looking for suggestions on brands and type. Price is my only caveat $200 CDN would be ideal. Much appreciated! :hi:
  13. E46 General
    Short story: I'm an idiot. Long Story: So over the summer I bought a magnaflow muffler off of amazon (Part# 14816) under the assumption that it would be a pretty decent fit for my E46. What I did not know, or even notice about my car is that the 330i actually has dual inlets unlike the rest of...
  14. E46 General
    Hey everyone. I have a 2000 323i Sport Wagon and I just bought an electric cutout kit to get a variable muffler delete. After watching some videos, I've noticed that the sound is very different when placed before the second resonator. So I'd like your thoughts on where to put it. I definitely...
  15. E46 General
    Hey folks, So this is my first post, and I didn't think it was going to be a review of something that I hate, but here we go. I have an 03 325i- no other mods other than a UUC lightweight flywheel, and hotchkiss swaybars (so nothing that changes noise from stock). After reading endlessly...
  16. E46 General
    i just got a 2003 e46 325i sedan and i'm looking for a way to make it sound better, its pretty quiet right now its completely stock. i'm looking for a cheap muffler but i don't know if the ebay mufflers are any good, any recommendation will help
  17. E46 General
    I'm about to buy an aftermarket performance muffler. I have a 2000 328ci. Just curious if anyone could tell me the correct inlet size to buy. Thanks
  18. California
    I would love to install my new Flowmaster Cat back myself, but I don't have a garage to do it in, so I need a good shop recommendation! Preferably in South San Diego (I live in Downtown). Thanks!
  19. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    Will delete once sold: PM me for #/paypal Brand New In Box Firm on price :) Profits go to my new wheels fund :excited: Magnaflow Part Number: 14803 Street Series Muffler Inlet And Outlet Size: 2.25 In. / 3 In. Inlet And Outlet Position: Center Inlet / Dual Outlet Tip: Dual Round DTM Single...
1-19 of 55 Results