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muffler delete

  1. Need some advice on some potential future mods

    General E46 Forum
    I have been pretty happy with my little 325i thus far, I have had no major issues or anything that really required that much effort to mend. However, I feel like my little bimmer is missing something. I am supposed to get an exhaust leak repaired this week by my welding buddy. I was gonna ask...
  2. muffler delete review

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I have wanted to increase the sound of my exhaust note for a while now. After going through the forum i have considered doing muffler delete. I know it drones and magna flow muffler is the best way to go. After a long thought process i have ordered a Universal Magna flow muffler which...
  3. 328xi (n20) Resonator Delete question

    General F30 Sedan/F31 Wagon/F32 Coupe/F33 Cabrio
    I recently did a resonator delete on my 2013 328xi to get a little more tone and sound out of my car. The car sounds great at lower rpms but sounds stock at higher rpms. There was also very very little sound increase. The cold start sounds great now but there is little difference in volume while...
  4. About to sell my car, Have a few questions

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all, I'm about to sell my car, but some things have come up that I'm unsure about. My '04 330ci has a muffler delete and an aftermarket M3 bumper, and a friend recently offered to trade his stock bumper and exhaust with mine. Would having stock parts increase my selling value, or should I...
  5. exaust help

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    hi guys im just wondering what the difference between straightpiping and muffeler delete is and which one is better(in your opinion). also is it smart to just get a new muffler instead if i cant spend alot of money on a whole new exaust? and what else can i do to add a better sound to the car
  6. Interior drone - Resonator Upgrade?

    General E46 Forum
    Car: 2003 330ci So about a year ago I went to a shop to have my exhaust done. I had the guy remove the muffler, and just go with straight pipes. It was great because I got the sound I wanted, and there seemed to be very little drone. Only now I realize that there is drone, and a lot of it, when...
  7. First muffler delete w/existing setup questions

    General E46 Forum
    I'm looking into the possibilities for getting the sound I want out of my e46 exhaust. Currently I'm running a Rogue dms, which, for those who don't know, eliminates the center resonator and clamps on right after the first muffler closest to the engine. (Weird setup IMO, but it is how it came)...
  8. Both Resonators Removed vs. Muffler Delete

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Okay so I've done plenty of searching through the threads about exhaust options for my 2003 325i. I want to do something to the exhaust to make it sound louder but still clean and not too much drone. I've been thinking about the muffler delete but I can't decide if just removing both...
  9. E46 Aftermarket Upgrades

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Being new to this forum thing, I'm sure many of y'all have already answered these questions, but I'd like to open a new thread with fresh ideas. First off, I have an '04 330Ci Sport, and would like to see what y'all think about 1) K&N v. AFE cold air intakes, 2) muffler delete w/...
  10. Non M Quad Exhaust

    General E46 Forum
    So i was thinking about getting a quad exhaust like the ones in this thread: After some searching, i was thinking about the heat factor of the pipes. You can see in the pictures in the thread that they ran their pipes really close the the gas...
  11. Muffler Delete Question

    General E46 Forum
    Looking to do a muffler delete in my 325i I know I need outlet 2.5in or 76mm and inlet can varies from 2.25 to 2.5 as the shop can take of that. Does anyone knows what's the difference between this tips other then the look...
  12. (VOE) Vacuum operated exhaust

    E46 Xi Forum
    As of now I am running headers and a muffler delete (with resonators still in place) and I have to say I absolutely love the sound. Especially at high RPMs, it freakin screams. Not to mention how much quicker the car revs and how much harder it pulls in the upper range. :D The one thing I don’t...
  13. opinions on exhaust.

    General E46 Forum
    I got my eBay headers about a month ago and today I finally got around to putting them on. Yeah, it was a TOTAL B!tc4 and it took my brother and I about 16 hours without a lift and power tools. <-(More on that later, I made a DIY. First one for a header install on an XI) the performance...
  14. Going With a Muffler Delete, Have Questions though.

    General E46 Forum
    Hey Everyone, So i have searched through every muffler delete thread on here and have come to the conclusion that i am most definitely going to go with the delete. However I cant find tips out there to save my life! Most shops don't carry 3" exhaust tips in Federal Way Washington, I've tried to...
  15. FS:vibrant muffler! 155 shipped

    Engine & Performance
    i will be doing a quad selling this for 155 shipped stainless steel.i can send more pictures just pm me.its loud but not rice loud.. :bump:
  16. Need to replace front control arm bushings

    General E46 Forum
    hello people I am new here..... I have a 02 330i and need to replace the front control arm bushings.... I have been looking into the bimmerworld powerflex bushings...any opinions on those? Also, I live in burbank,ca....any one local or near that know a cheap place to get them done? Also looking...
  17. M3 Muffler delete

    General E46 Forum
    my friend took his muffler off his M3 they made a video
  18. 3'' Magnaflow Tips

    Engine & Performance
    For sale 3'' Magnaflow exhaust tips. They were used when i did my muffler delete. $55 SHIPPED Also have 2 Front M3 18x8 Wheels and Style 44's here:
  19. X Pipes and Drone

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I'd like to preface this by saying that I know what x-pipes ARE, but what would they do on our exhausts? For example: I did the muffler delete (on my steptronic 325) mod a few weeks back a and from 2000-2500 rpm the drone is atrocious. It literally creates a sound pressure in the cabin that...
  20. *Official* Muffler Delete Sound Clip / Discussion Thread

    General E46 Forum
    OK, I have gotten dozens of pms over the last couple months regarding the muffler delete and "how does it sound...". So, I figured I would just take a few vids under different circumstances so you could get a decent representation how it sounds and hopefully, settle some of the confusion. The...