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  1. E46 General
    I came across a "sandwich" accident this morning on the way to work and they couldn't move the 325i out of the single lane. I don't know the whole story but saw the cop and (female) driver try to put it in gear and start it and what not. I was offering some help since I almost redid everything...
  2. California
    Hey bimmer cats, I'm supposed to be moving to Mission Valley sometime late this summer / early this fall. I have a job lined up but my boyfriend, who is moving with me (and also a BMW driver ;)) needs some ideas on companies in the area. My job is going to be in Irvine. Need to do some...
  3. California
    Hey everyone, I'm am looking to make a move out to the LA area in a few months and was wondering if anyone had any input on what everyone might have for me concerning the move/job hunt. I know that LA is a very spread out area so to be more specific I would like to be around Woodland Hills or...
1-3 of 3 Results