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  1. Radiator Passenger Side Mounting Screw Size and Type

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all, I was doing a bunch of maintenance and doing a cooling system overhaul. I was removing my radiator and realized the Torx screw was missing from the top passenger side mounting point on the top of the radiator. Does anyone know what size I can use? I searched and looked through OEM...
  2. M52/54 Bottom Mount Turbo?

    Forced Induction Forum
    Hey guys, has anyone ever done a bottom mount turbo setup on their E46? I'm wondering the piping will clear the a/c compressor allowing me to retain a/c.
  3. Custom built Lumia 925 phone mount with wireless charging

    General E46 Forum
    I really can't stand suction cup phone mounts with wires hanging everywhere, especially the generic ones for phones that aren't popular enough for a specific mount. They look hideous, bounce around too much, block your view, and are easy to steal. So naturally I decided to build my own. Thought...
  4. Suspension mystery, or perhaps not?

    Suspension & Braking
    Hello all. Im writing to seek knowledge on a rear suspension issue. Since owning the car for a little over a year i have replaced the passenger rear shock mount twice. First time I replaced both sides by ordering from Bavarian. After a short time I blew the passenger one while driving on the...
  5. FS oem 330Ci parts (airbox, mounts, etc)

    Engine & Performance
    FS oem 330Ci parts (airbox, mounts, etc) PRICE DROP! Hey guys I have a few oem parts for sale. PRICE DROP!!! OEM e46 330CI airbox and used filter - $50 obo + shipping Stock air inlet over radiator - $20 obo + shipping Victor Reinz exhaust manifold gasket (new) - SOLD Stock engine...
  6. FS: E46 M3 Vert Suspension, springs, Sways, Spacers, More

    Suspension and Braking
    Hi have for sale the following: Used in good operating condition, appx 42K miles: OE Vert Front & Rear Shocks-Struts- Springs complete, good operating condition, appx 42K incl Fr end links $175 + shipping OE Vert Front & Rear Sways- Includes Rear end links, appx 42K $125 + shipping New: OE...
  7. best solution for alignment help

    General E46 Forum
    hey there im a newbie looking for the cheapest and best solution to an alignment problem...i took my 03 e46 sedan for a four wheel alingment and they said they couldnt do it because my left front tire needs upper adjustable strut mount wich costs roughtly $380 (because stock wont...
  8. DIY: Aux/mechanical fan to electric fan swap

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Tools/parts: - Floor jack and one jack stand - Philips screwdriver - Torx 25 bit - 8" extension - 3/8ths ratchet - 8mm socket or 8mm wrench - 9mm socket - 13mm socket - Fan clutch tools - OEM electric fan: 17117561757 - Expanding rivet: 17111712963 (for the expansion tank side to hold fan to...
  9. shock mounts are not meant to last ten years!

    General E46 Forum
    To the nice old man who owned my car before me. CHANGE YOUR F'ing SHOCK MOUNTS! I should not need a damn torch or a press to change shock mounts. FTW!
  10. WTB: Thule 753 or OEM mount and racks

    Looking for Thule 753 or OEM roof rack to haul road bikes. Thanks :thumbup:
  11. do i need to order new rubber spring mounts for new springs

    Suspension & Braking
    Just like the title says. the car has 94K miles on it. I want to order H&R Race springs. do i need new rubber mounts for the new springs? or do they come with ?
  12. E46 Rear Subframe w/ NEW rear diff bushing

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Rear subframe for BMW E46 series (except M3). Asking $125 + $40 shipping. I purchased this subframe used and was planning to install into my '01 325i. The subframe has been thoroughly refinished and a new rear differential bushing installed. A correct bushing tool was used to remove/install...
  13. Bodykit hiccups-SRS rear/M3 front*pics/vid

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, So I went to the bodyshop today to finally pick up my facelift coupe that is getting an extreme make over with M3 rep front + MVR CF lip + GTR Sides + SRS rear, but... :excited: Hiccup#1 They were unable to finish it due to the rear bumper not fitting properly!!! :banghead: I have...