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  1. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    For sale OEM Navigation 16:9 monitor for BMW E46 1998-2006 (320, 323, 325, 328, 330, M3). Taken from 325Ci 2003. Good working and looking condition, everything works, screen has some dead pixel areas which is common for 13 years old monitor. The latest version (v32) of software installed (I will...
  2. General E46 Forum
    This is the BMW E46's computer/monitor reset procedure. For those of who have the "service engine soon" light coming on frequently preventing you from getting the sticker, read this. If you can get your car to pass this test once without the light coming on, bring it right to the mechanic and...
  3. General E46 Forum
    Good day everyone! I just bought a 320d 1999 sedan with the smaller screen tv monitor like in this pic: Now, the thing that confuses me is that I got the CD Navigation system in my trunk which is like this one: ...but in the menu on my monitor there is no option for a GPS navigation...
  4. General E46 Forum
    I have been looking all over the interwebz for a dash kit that will allow me to install a touchscreen monitor into the stereo for my 2000 BMW 328i. I came across the whole Scosche and Metra thread but that specific kit seems to be for smaller units like flip out DVD screens and detachable CD...
  5. Mobile Electronics Forum
    There has been no difinitive answer for me through all of my indepth searching throughout this forum and many others on this subject.. i have a 2001 330ci with the 4:3 non nav, television monitor that has a very basic interface, a simple color one. Is there anyway to update the interface from...
  6. General E46 Forum
    Hi all i have a 01 330ci with tv 4:3 monitor non nav it is my understanding that i need a nav drive for the update, is this true or is their a way around this via the cd changer or something?
  7. General E46 Forum
    Hey people, I'm thinking about replacing standard e46 radio with LCD (whatever is the proper part name and whoever is the manufacturer?), the one that includes stereo, aircon controls, tv, media player, you know what I mean. Now, the only thing that keeps me off (apart from a little steep...
  8. General E46 Forum
    Hello to all, I did something :rolleyes: with board monitor settings so, if anyone knows how to return it to factory settings, or if you have some list of routines that needs to be done to enable/disable some options like telephone, navigation etc. thanks in advance
  9. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have available the 4:3 Nav Deck (with tape player), Radio, and CD-Based Computer out of my 2000 coupe. All in 100% working condition. I've upgraded to the 16:9 setup and just need the DVD based computer. So I'm looking to trade the entire 4:3 setup for just DVD computer OR sell for $650 obo...
1-9 of 9 Results