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  1. UK E46 cosmetic upgrade project

    Chapter 1: An Introduction Hi I'm Aero. I got my 20 year-old E46 in November 2022. It was near perfect and a super smooth ride with 49k miles on the clock. The defects were a slight dent to the driver side door and the rear-right rain gutter (moulding) was detached. My plan was to slowly work on...
  2. Pacific Northwest, Hawaii
    Hey all, looking to get a set of castles headers installed in my beam machine. Does anyone know of a shop in WA that can do it for a reasonable price? And before the DIY gang gets on me, yes, I tried and it took me 9 hours to realize this isn’t a job I can do.
  3. E46 General
    My brother has finally handed down his prize possession (for a fee of course) and I was wondering what I should be doing first when I receive it. Oil change and checking the fluids is a must. I would like to get 19" CSL replicas, and trade in the existing 17" racing rims. Maybe add a...
  4. E46 General
    Hey guys! Firstly, this thread isn't because I have $20k. So we can skip those lectures. I thought I'd start this thread for good discussion on the pros and cons of each chassis and if the downsides of the Non-M can be made up with a little modding (to a degree). You can get a clean non-M for...
  5. Lighting
    Is there any method to modify the electronics of the car so that the instrument cluster will become always illuminated so long as the key is inserted and switched to the "ON" position (even without switching on the head and tail lamps)?
  6. DIY Guides
    Hi Everyone, I did this just over a year ago now, and it's still looking good so thought I'd just pop up the pictures from when I did it now i have some more time! Ever since i got the car I was amazed at how tidy the bodywork was! However it's safe to say the original grey on grey interior...
  7. DIY Guides
    I have a 2003 e46, and the radio was made in November 02. PART NUMBER 65. 12-6 921 963 I know that my radio is not Aux capable, and that it will only process iPod data and is Sirius radio capable. HOWEVER, I am wondering if there is any way around this? For those electrically savvy, is...
  8. DIY Guides
    PROBLEM: I'm always listening to music or podcasts when I drive. I use my iPhone 5, but there's never really been a good, convenient, affordable solution to this. Bluetooth's theoretically perfect, but the sound quality's never been up to my standards. Auxiliary sounds great, but you lose any...
  9. Lighting
    I'm planning on doing the all red tail light mod by using the red vinyls. and since I do have amber non-LED tail lights, i was wondering if it would work or I would see the amber through it?
  10. DIY Guides
    Hey guys, I have led exterior lighting all around the car (corners, sides, tails) and was thinking about replacing all the amber leds with orange leds (same as interior colour) I need some help though. first of all, what does the forum think of this idea? Think it will turn out nice or ugly...
  11. E46 General
    Hey guys, just wanted some outsider input on what you think would be a good looking mod for my 330ci. Any suggestions would be appreciated!:excited:
  12. E46 General
    I've got an 01 325i. Had it for a while, love the car. Looking to upgrade the performance on it a bit, anyone have any suggestions on exactly where to start? If I had the money, I'd say screw it and just get an M3, but I don't unfortunately. Love this car though like I said, i suppose it has...
  13. DIY Guides
    I don't smoke and would rather have an outlet, here are some pictures. DIY and or part list to come. Inverter is Tripp Lite PV375
  14. E46 Showroom
    Hey, thought id show you all my new ride. I am only 18 so I cant complain ;):craig: Exterior Mods: Full Tornado Style Body Kit, HID headlights, LED Tails, 18" JLINE Rims, Chrome Grill, Debadged, Carbon Emblems, Carbon Side Pilars, AC Schnitzer Lip spoiler, Dinan Power mirrors, Light Tint...
  15. E46 General
    hi guys just wanted some opinions on my car. let me know what ya think. any suggestions? i was thinking of changing out the yellow corner bulbs? what about a roof spoiler? or shark fin antenna? let me know any suggestions would be great. thanks
  16. E46 Showroom
    post some pics just wanna see what others have done so i can decide what direction to go with mine!! thanks! (also any carbon fiber hoods on steel gray would be SWEET) PICS PICS PICS
1-16 of 17 Results