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  1. Exterior
    Hi, Have for sale used with approximately 42K miles: Vert Trunk Lights- Good condition $50 shipped Pass Door Mirror- very slight browning on the bottom edge, barely noticeable $40 shipped PM with any questions
  2. Exterior
    I'm looking to purchase a complete drivers-side mirror assembly with power ribbon still attached. Please let me know.
  3. Interior
    This mirror came from my 2006 M3 Coupe. There are no issues with this mirror. It is in perfect condition. No fading, no leaks, no scratches. Auto-dimming works fine. SOLD
  4. General E46 Forum
    As I was driving home today, I got out of my 2001 325Ci and when I turned the lights off and took the key out of the ignition the car was still beeping as if the lights were on. When I drove it later I realized that some of the lighting on my dash was not working. The background was fine but the...
  5. Exterior
    I have a set of OEM heated side view mirrors. I took these mirrors off when I originally got the car back in 2002 to put M3 mirrors on. I recently sold my car and have these lying around the house. They have factory dark grey paint. Mint condition. Asking 275 obo will ship at buyers...
  6. General E46 Forum
    Hi ppl, I have brought a BMW E46 and it has folding/electric door mirrors but nothing works on them??!! The door mirrors don't adjust and when you press the square button for the mirrors to fold nothing happens!! I don't hear no motor moving or anything, please could you advise me what I can...
  7. General E46 Forum
    Does anyone have pictures of M3 mirrors on a ZHP or a non M with the Mtech kit? Thinking about getting some but haven't completely decided yet.
  8. Exterior
    I'm looking to buy a set of M3 mirrors for my 330ci. Preferably titanium silver, I would rather now want to paint them. I'm not sure if the pin connection is the same for M3's and 330ci. But I do not see why they would be different. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks.
  9. Parting Out
    E46 04 Coupe passenger side mirror glass(like new heated) $70 Black leather armrest $100 3.46 Differential $350 D2S Bulbs $40 each All Airbags for sale including 4 spoke steering wheel multi functional make reasonable offers
  10. Exterior
    Hoping to get my hands on a trim piece for an e46 sedan driver (left) side mirror. I know this is hard to find by itself, but any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  11. General E46 Forum
    2004 325i. Before I got it home from the dealer 2 weeks ago the rear view mirror started changing color and then started leaking. I hear that is fairly common. The dealer said they would replace it and they have put 2 mirrors in and they have both turned into lava lamps. You would think the...
  12. Interior
    It is the european version of the Homelink mirror. Unlike the US version seen on eBay it works with European garage openers frequencies (434Mhz). Perfect condition except some small marks on the top. Part no. is 51167153451 Price incl. shipping is $300
  13. Exterior
    I want to get Right Side Coupe Mirror for E46, 2004 325CI. I want manual fold, heated, jet black, coupe. I don’t mind if it different color. Thanks in advance
  14. Exterior
  15. Exterior
    im looking for the passenger side mirror cover for my 2002 325ci coupe preferable silver but any color will do
  16. Exterior
    For Sale, everything is authentic AC-Schnitzer not fiber glass replica crap and for prefacelift coupe (I think mirror fits facelift coupe) Used Authentic ACS Front Add On painted Steel Grey with silver ACS sticker 600+ new = $200 - *** SOLD* New (no box) Authentic ACS Rear Add, comes with...
  17. General E46 Forum
    Greetings, I'm new to the list and to the BMW family. Got two used 325's this year and love them. On my 2003 325i, the auto-dimming mirror works fine. On the 2005 325xi Sportwagon, it just sits there. Has anyone worked on these mirrors? I see a lot of buying and selling of mirrors, but no...
  18. General E46 Forum
    I'm in the process of purchasing one of these (specifically the m3 oval) autodim mirrors and I wanted to know what color should the mirror be when its not in "autodim" mode? when it dims, what color does it dim to? There are two mirrors that im choosing from, one that is just the regular...
  19. Exterior
    At some point in my car's life, the passenger mirror housing took a substantial hit, and it cracked the front housing... D'oh. Looking to replace it on the cheap. Not looking for the whole mirror assembly, just the cover on the front side that pops off. Titanium silver. Thx.
  20. Exterior
    Anyone upgrade their mirrors and have leftover parts? I am looking for an OEM driver's side mirror cover.