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  1. Electronics
    I've had my Eonon GA9150kw installed for a month or two now, and I'm just starting to get all the kinks worked out and have it working just like I want it. I'm running the BMW car launcher I found that makes the interface much more intuitive. I have two small issues I'm trying to work out 1)...
  2. E46 General
    My 2003 325i sedan is pre-wired for bluetooth, and I know from the forums that I need to "dig" for the cable for the mic....but really(!?)...how much do I have to dig for it? I cannot seem to locate. Thoughts?
  3. Electronics
    It’s pretty cheap and easy to upgrade the Bluetooth microphone for the Eonon D5150 by installing an external microphone, for those of you with Bluetooth call quality issues. This mod adds a 2.5mm (or 3.5mm) female audio jack to the back of the Eonon unit and wires directly to the internal mic...
  4. Electronics
    I recently installed the DICE MediaBridge in my E46 and the microphone doesn't pick up very well, even when I hold it right in front of me. I was wondering if anybody knew where to purchase a new microphone that would be compatible with the DICE MediaBridge and plug into the microphone spot on...
  5. Electronics
    First of all I searched through every post i could find only to get to some dead links and useless information. What I would like is a cut and dry, this is what you need list to retrofit bluetooth into my 2005 M3. It is a coupe, with no sharkfin (meaning no BMW assist, correct?) and the trunk...
1-5 of 6 Results