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  1. Electronics
    I am picking up my 2006 330CI Convertible today, and read that most of these cars had Bluetooth. Am I correct that the below is the mic? If so, if I move to one of the more modern solutions so I can stream music from my Android phone (likley Audiovox Dice MediaBridge or Grom) can I use the...
  2. Electronics
    It’s pretty cheap and easy to upgrade the Bluetooth microphone for the Eonon D5150 by installing an external microphone, for those of you with Bluetooth call quality issues. This mod adds a 2.5mm (or 3.5mm) female audio jack to the back of the Eonon unit and wires directly to the internal mic...
  3. Electronics
    I have located a bluetooth tcu and mic and have ordered the bluetooth antenna. But I am not sure about installing the mic. I removed a TCU and mic from a salvaged 2005 330xi. I removed the sunroof switch panel, but I'm not sure if I've found the correct mic connector. The connector is a 3 pin...
1-3 of 3 Results