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methanol water injection

  1. Dyno Time: ESS Tuning VT2-550 + Meth!!!

    Forced Induction Forum
    Just wrapped this project up, 1 of 2 ESS VT2-550 E46M3's in California. The torque numbers are insane!!! This is on a street car that has 80k miles putting out solid/reliable #'s. I can't wait to get some dyno time in my car with our race exhaust system! No ECU/timing adjustments were made...
  2. FS:NEW Aquamist HFS 6 Methanol / Alcohol Injection

    Engine & Performance
    For sale is a brand new Aquamist HFS 6 Methanol / Alcohol Injection and brand new Aluminum Fuel Cell. This is the best product on the market You can compare the Aquamist pump vs. the Perrin pump. Quite a difference The HFS 6 uses 160 psi pump, uprated from the 125psi on the HFS 5. This unit...