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  1. Any E46 Soundplicity - media bridge

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    FS - Soundplicity Control III - media bridge This will integrate completely with OEM BMW non DSP system. -bluetooth integration -Google now -voice dial -voice text -voice email -play music -check the weather XM input USB media support This are all done via the steering wheel...
  2. Audiovox MediaBridge + iOS 10 song control issues

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey everyone. I have owned and used an Audiovox-branded DICE MediaBridge AMBR-1500-BMW in my 2003 E46 for over three years and have been loving it. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 Plus running on iOS 10 and have noticed that I am now unable to control the phone (e.g. change songs) in wired...
  3. mediabridge bluetooth

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have the bmw business cd radio and for some reason it will no longer detect mediabridge so I can't pair my phone with bluetooth. If I select "mode" and scroll to bluetooth it will display "BT" and then shortly after "OFF" It use to say "mediabridge" -> "phone connected" I managed to pair it...
  4. Soundplicity Control iii microphone

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have the bavsound soundplicity control iii unit with Bluetooth installed in my 05 330. I have the mic that it came with installed in the oum mic location, but everyone I talk with through Bluetooth says it sounds horrible and crackles badly. Has anyone had any luck using a better mic with this...
  5. Mod: Integrated Armrest iPhone/iPod dock

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    PROBLEM: I'm always listening to music or podcasts when I drive. I use my iPhone 5, but there's never really been a good, convenient, affordable solution to this. Bluetooth's theoretically perfect, but the sound quality's never been up to my standards. Auxiliary sounds great, but you lose any...
  6. Dice Media bridge works when it wants to

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    A majority of the the time, my Dice Mediabridge doesn't show up in the "mode" options on my factory radio (the cd changer option). I used to have no problem at all then one day it just disappeared and no cd changer option shows. Now it shows up every once in a while. Could it be a connection...
  7. Mediabridge questions

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Ok, so I have about the dice mediabridge 1500 I just ordered. Everything I have seen on the mediabridge and Sirius compatibility revolves around the SCC1 tuner. Is this the only tuner that will function with the mediabridge? I ordered an "sxv200" universal Sirius connect. I order this one...
  8. FS: Dice Audiovox Mediabridge MB-1500-BMW

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
  9. Dice Mediabridge with iPhone5: Will it work?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    There have been a few interesting articles out in the last few days speculating which legacy iPhone/iPod accessories (based on the 30 pin connector) will continue to work in the brave new world of the iPhone5's "Lightning" connector. Specifically, the Lightning connector is 100% digital, and...
  10. Wtb: Dice/audiovox mediabridge 1500

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I want to buy a dice mediabridge 1500 with bluetooth. Let me know what your price is! I'm Paypal verified and willing to pick up locally in most parts of FL.
  11. Audiovox Mediabridge 1500 - Peculiar Issue

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hello all - I just recently purchased a 2000 323i sedan without a navigation system and without the Harmon Kardon system and subsequently purchased the MediaBridge for it to play music off my 4s. The installation went off without a hitch after watching the BSW YouTube videos, however there is...
  12. DICE MEDIABRIDGE MB1500 with Brodit Holder Review

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Well I have finally completed my Iphone integration. I have an Iphone 4 (iOS 5), Brodit pass through holder & a Dice Mediabridge MB1500. Thought I would post a quick review for those of you who are thinking about buying a Mediabridge unit. Here are some pics of my finished install: INSTALL...
  13. Replacement Microphone for DICE MediaBridge

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I recently installed the DICE MediaBridge in my E46 and the microphone doesn't pick up very well, even when I hold it right in front of me. I was wondering if anybody knew where to purchase a new microphone that would be compatible with the DICE MediaBridge and plug into the microphone spot on...
  14. About to buy ipod adaptor mediabridge or grom

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi all, im about to buy an ipod adapter and have narrowed it down to the GROM-USB2-BMW or the dice media bridge i do have the 4:3 television monitor minus the navigation drive which would be best guys?
  15. Dice Electronics MediaBridge w/Bluetooth

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Everything you need is included to install this on your BMW 3 series, I am uncertain if it is compatible with any other vehicle makes. The reason I am selling this is because the system does not allow you to store phone numbers on the MediaBridge which is important to me as I make several...
  16. mediabridge or dynavin

    General E46 Forum
    wondering wat to do i have 4:3 television non nav and know that mediabridge supports this with bluetooth ipod in etc and dsiplays the info only thing holding me back from dynavin is that no one can tell me if i have a separate radio interface in my trunk need advice