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  1. Gm5 module

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2001 BMW325 I and of course it has a GM5 module issue I am wondering if I was to replace it with a new module which I have to hand off a car of the same year with that rectify it or does it need to be programmed any advice on this is much appreciated as it’s just a little niggle needs...
  2. Auto to Manual Swap Orlando/Tampa/Lakeland/Bradenton/Sarrasota

    Hi All, If anybody here is mechanically inclined to do a automatic to manual transmission swap with all parts provided please let me know. Will pay for labor and time. PM me for fastest response. Time is not an issue so the person willing to do this can take their time.
  3. Any side mechanics in Bellevue, WA available to install a wheel bearing hub assembly?

    Pacific Northwest
    I am looking for a BMW mechanic to do a side job for me in Bellevue. Please DM me your cell and we can chat! Thanks so much!
  4. Looking for mechanic in or around Houston, TX...

    i've got a 02 325ci that needs a new clutch and idle air control valve cleaned. Looking for someone in or around houston. Also need a 17" star spoke wheel.
  5. Looking for a mechanic in or around Houston....

    General E46 Forum
    I need a new clutch and the idle air control valve cleaned on my 02 325ci. Hoping to find someone in or around houston to do it at a reasonable price. Also need a 17" star spoke wheel.
  6. Mechanic in/near Milwaukee

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, My 2003 325xi wagon is in need of some TLC. It has had only oil/filter changes over the past 20,000 miles (due to me being broke) and is getting cranky. It has almost 200,000 on it and still goes fine. I would like to keep it going and have a bit to spend on maintenance. I need to...
  7. Engine cutting off problem! 1st Post as a member!

    General E46 Forum
    So i just bought a 325i 04 (97k) 3 series about a year ago and i love it. Im glad to be apart of the bmw master race although i have been expiernceing some issues here recently. about 3 months ago my car has been making a high pitched screeching noise upon start. it would slowly go away after...
  8. Michigan 330ci garage work?

    General E46 Forum
    I figured this area would have the most views. I'm interested in finding a worthwhile shop in my area if someone from Michigan happens to find this. I'm not a fan of dealers and would love to find someone local-ish who is worth doing business with. Wouldnt matter to me if its a shop or just...
  9. Repair shop in NYC area?

    NY / NJ / CT
    Any recommendations for a BMW-knowledgeable but *reasonably priced* mechanic in the NYC area (or a 50 mile radius)? I need a number of minor replacements (headlight bulb holder, back brake pads, passenger side window regulator, etc) that I unfortunately can't DIY at the moment. Based on past...
  10. Western North Carolina Mechanics?

    Hi, I am in the Asheville/Hickory area and looking for a good independent BMW mechanic to perform my clutch replacement (single mass flywheel). I searched and failed to find any references to mechanics in the area I read good things about German Auto Werks on another forum and may check them...
  11. Need good indy mechanic in Hilliard, Ohio (Columbus)

    General E46 Forum
    I will save the story for the end, but I have transmission issues, and I don't have a garage or tools with me since I moved to Columbus, Oh. I am in Hilliard, on the west side of Columbus. I need a good, honest indy mechanic who can diagnose my transmission. I bought this car 2 weeks ago, and I...
  12. Anyone can DIY Cooling System in NY?

    General E46 Forum
    Need some experienced help.. over the weekend/weekday. Replacing my entire cooling system ... got all parts, but not all tools. If you want work let me know or recommend your favorite shop... :bow: ive read up on shops in NY/NJ/CT area and i'll fall back on those if there's no...
  13. Massive loss of power - mechanic says catalytic converters clogged

    General E46 Forum
    Hey all, Been having an issue for a month plus now. 2001 325i with 176k. I was getting lean codes and misfires and oil leaks. Valve cover gasket changed fixed the oil leak. A couple of spark plugs had oil on them and it was burning pretty bad for a while so I changed them all. Found a rip in...
  14. BMW repair in Portland area. Recommendations?

    General E46 Forum
    I'm looking for a quality mechanic to take care of my car. Mostly scheduled maintenance but I do need some work done as well. I've been taking my car to BMW of Portland but I'm sure I'm being overcharged, and there must be other, less expensive options available, right? Bridgetowners, Who works...
  15. highly recommend this Portland area mechanic

    Pacific Northwest
    Hey NW e46ers, I can't recommend this guy enough. Some of you may know Steve Shelton of Steve's Bavarian repair in Aloha, Oregon. He's a former tech at Kuni who works out of his home garage. Very low overhead and extremely reasonable labor costs. Steve really undersells himself and deserves...
  16. Good Mechanic Service, Stamford CT

    NY / NJ / CT
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and just recently bought me a used 2004 330xi. I am looking for a good service, where I can treat my car with things I cannot handle myself. I am at the Stamford CT area. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  17. BMW tech mechanics in Bellevue/Seattle interested in side work?

    Pacific Northwest
    Hey all, I am new to E46fanatics and am wondering if anyone knows any BMW techs in the Bellevue/Seattle area that would be interested in doing some side work? We are trying to get the E46 repaired but don't want to pay the crazy dealer costs!
  18. Mechanic needed in LA Westside

    Does anybody know a good mechanic in the LA westside area? I'm in Culver City now after driving my 1999 323i from NY for work. It made the trip, but isn't doing so hot. Needs an oil change at the very least, but it burned over 1qt of oil in the past 2k miles, so there's something else going on...
  19. Ferris Automotive in Warrenton VA

    Mid Atlantic
    Has anyone used or heard anything about this place? I found them on but can't find any mention of them on here, bimmerfest, bimmerforums, or the forums. Trying to find a shop closer to home.. Curry's is right around the corner...
  20. HELP!! I think im being played by my mechanic!

    General E46 Forum
    Alright guys and girls here is the story, last week I went to the drag strip with my E46 M3, during one of my passes something broke on the rear on the car. It turns out a mount bolt broke, but the car was also making some funny noises and wasent driving right. Well the past few days I have been...