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manual transmission fluid

  1. DIFU Manual Transmission Fill Bolt

    General E46 Forum
    Did I F Up? I was changing the fluid in my 04' ZHP manual transmission and was torquing the bolts down to 44 ft/lbs as I read in another thread. The drain bolt was fine and torqued normally but the fill bolt went loose before the torque wrench clicked. I pulled the bolt back out to inspect...
  2. Manual Transmission Fluid Type

    General E46 Forum
    New Edit I hate digging up old threads, but as I am the OP, I guess I'll let it slide :hi: I'm finally getting around to changing out the manual transmission fluid and can't find the capacity ANYWHERE. Even the owner's manual doesn't list the capacity as it says it's a "Lifetime Fluid." I know...
  3. 2000 323i - Flush/Fill Manual Tranny Q ?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I have been noticing that during the first drive of the day I tend to very very lightly grind 5th gear in my car, I live just off the freeway so Im always getting on the highway going and coming home. I wanted to check the fluid level before I do anything and wanted to know what type...
  4. MTF in an '01 330Ci???

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Okay... I changed the MTF in my 330Ci a week ago, and although it's shifting smoother, it's not great. It's high mileage, so I don't expect the world. However, there's a few odd things to note and I was hoping someone could shed light on the issue... First, there should be about 1.2 quarts of...
  5. 3.5 litres of genuine OEM BMW MTF-LT-2 manual transmission fluid

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    For sale: 3.5 litres of genuine OEM BMW MTF-LT-2 manual transmission fluid. I bought a 5 litre pack from main dealer, used about 1.5 in changing my 325's 5-speed gearbox, I'm unlikely ever to need the rest. I paid about £65 including vat for 5 litres. (£13 per litre). I'll sell the remaining...