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  1. Mysterious Oil Issue

    General E46 Forum
    I recently purchased a 2005 330i (my first car) and am aware a few issues with it (such as a coolant leak, of course) as I took my mechanic with me and had him hook his scanner up to the car to check everything out. Now, neither the seller nor my mechanic mentioned anything regarding the...
  2. Maintenance list while replacing clutch

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    So I have been researching and compiling a list of various maintenance items to complete while I have my car on the lift and the transmission out for a clutch replacement. My car is a 2005 330i ZHP 6sp with 177k miles. None of the items on the list with the exception of valve cover gasket and...
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    Complete Cars - Private
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  4. e46 M3 Preemptive Maintenance

    ///M3 Forum
    New to the forum...I'm a college student looking at buying a 2005 M3 vert. I've wanted an e46 M3 for a couple years now and absolutely love the car! (I also read the buyers guide and a few other threads on this forum) I've heard a bunch about how the e46 M3 requires quite a bit of time and...
  5. Where to start with my 2002 330ci

    General E46 Forum
    My brother has finally handed down his prize possession (for a fee of course) and I was wondering what I should be doing first when I receive it. Oil change and checking the fluids is a must. I would like to get 19" CSL replicas, and trade in the existing 17" racing rims. Maybe add a...
  6. Mandatory Maintenance for you E46 M3 - VANOS, Rod Bearing, and more

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hey everyone. Of course you know there are some big maintenance items for the E46 like the subframe reinforcement, rod bearing, and VANOS but there are a few others as well. I wanted to put together a list of issues here so it's kind of a one-stop for all things maintenance. I've done pretty...
  7. I need help trying to figure out whats wrong

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a 2001 bmw 325i e46 thats misfiring pretty bad. I have changed the coils and spark plugs and still misfires when i turn it on?!?. Scanned it and giving me misfires on cylinders 1 and 4. The previous owner did not take care of this car for [email protected]%##! Only took care of interior...
  8. Replacing valve cover gasket - does vanos work make sense?

    General E46 Forum
    All, I replaced the oil filter housing (OFH) gasket on my 2003 325i Touring two weeks ago. The left side of the engine had all the typical OFH leak symptoms. I cleaned up the area as best it could. I knew, though, that wasn't the only oil leak... I occasionally get a whiff of "burned oil...
  9. Power steering pump or something else?

    General E46 Forum
    Situation - On Friday the steering on the 2003 325i worked great. On Saturday it didn't. I've searched here and elsewhere online... The symptoms indicate to me a power steering pump failure. Alternator, water pump, a/c all work fine. Power steering fluid reservoir is full. Friday afternoon I...
  10. Top 10 E46 Failures - Parts you MUST replace (Mango Starter Pack)

    General E46 Forum
    Top 10 E46 Failures These 10 parts will certainly fail on you (For easier reading and info where to buy the parts, you can also find this post at my blog here.--Updated 9/27/16) The BMW E46 3-Series produced from 2000 to 2006 is one of the more reliable BMWs you can buy. However, there are...
  11. What does this light mean?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I'm buying a 2006 Bmw 325i and I wanted to make sure this light isn't worry some although it's red. Please help suppose to buy this car very soon. **The image looks like the rear end of a car with emissions coming out and a squiggly line above the car and emissions in the shape of an S**...
  12. High mileage E46 maintenance

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, I have a 2004 year 320D touring in the UK and its now just gone over 200,000 miles. I bought it as second owner at 35,000 miles. My question goes like this:- The car runs well still, over its lifetime its had work done on it which I'll detail below but generally I don't see why it can't...
  13. need help: first time DIYer

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I'm currently on break from working on my CCV. Believe it or not, I'm rolling into my fifth hour and I've just finished undoing all the screws necessary to finish the job. One of the things I've loosened is the throttle body. Unfortunately, all the videos and written guides are for after...
  14. Good news ... For a start

    General E46 Forum
    Okay, So i mostly just see people starting threads about their cars having problems so I figured i'd write about the positive for once LOL It has been a long journey. I have had my E46 for about a year and 2 months or so. The road has been bumpy but now I am starting to get my rewards. When I...
  15. Frame maintenance

    E46 Convertible
    Just bought a 330ci convertable, roof works well but a bit noisy. What maintenance can I do, I'm thinking about lubrication mainly to ensure trouble free use in future and should use of the the system be kept to a minimum to avoid failure? Thanks
  16. Stalling and Lack of POW!-er

    General E46 Forum
    My car will start normally and idle fine but, when I go into gear and try to move, the car has no power and, if I only lightly feather the gas pedal, it stalls. At first, I thought it was my MAF, which I replaced with a new one about 2 years ago. Why did I think it was the MAF? Well, I...

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, newbie here! About to get my first ZHP but the dealer has no records. He will go over all of my concerns and inspect everything before we settle on a price, I just don't know exactly what should have been done already at 100k? Everything I can give him to check and make sure it's ok...
  18. Purchasing my first e46 soon!

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I am turning 16 in October and have $5,000 in hand right now. I want to spend a maximum of $6,000 on the car itself. I am looking for a 325i from 02'-04', but I need some advice on maintenance costs. I know BMW's are very expensive to maintain as my dad has an 07' 750i and my mom has a...
  19. Stowing my 2004 m3 for 6+ Months, what to do

    ///M3 Forum
    gang, I'm putting my beloved 2004 m3 in storage for at least six months while going on my first deployment and am wondering what I should do to take care of it while its in storage ( fresh oil change, leave the fuel tank empty/full ). What should I to make sure its okay when I get back...
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